Official No: 121091    Port and Year:  Hull, 1905

Description: Side trawler, steel; steam screw, coal burning.  Crabber.  Wheelhouse aft.

Crew:  10

Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmel, Beverley, 1905.  (Yard no. 90)

Tonnage: 174 grt  68 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 108.5 / 21.6 / 11.5 

Engine: T3-Cyl. 45 nhp, 9.5 knots; by Amos & Smith, Hull



1905: Hellyers Steam Fishing Co., St. Andrews Dock, Hull


4 Sep 1917: Mrs E. M. Lawford & Charles Curzon,, Docks, Milford


1920:  Iago Steam Trawler Co Ltd, London & Milford.

Manager: Edward D. W. Lawford.

14 Dec 1927: Ocean Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull.

Manager: G. Altoft.

25 Oct 1935:  R Walkington, Fleetwood.

Manager: Alex Keay.


Landed at Milford: 8 Jan - 17 Nov 1927

Notes: Sep1914: Requisitioned as a mine-sweeper (no FY 616) and renamed ARIEL II.

1919 Returned to owners.

1 Aug 1945: Trawled live mine off Isle of Man and delivered it to Douglas for disposal.

2 Aug1945: Sank following a collision with the 12,000-ton cargo ship BENLEDI in thick fog S by W of the Chicken Rock Light, Calf of Man. The ten crewmen abandoned the stricken trawler, were picked up by a lifeboat lowered by the BEN LEDI, and were landed in Liverpool.

[Information from "The Bosun's Watch" website.]


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