Official No:  93080     Port and Year:  Hull, 1886                                                                     

Description: Iron side / beam trawler; coal fired, steam screw.  Ketch rigged.


Built: by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Hull, in 1886 (Yard no. 14)

Tonnage:   102 grt  54 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 90 / 20.4 / 10.6

Engine: C 2-Cyl; 30 rhp; by Charles D. Holmes, Hull



1886: F. & T. Ross, West Dock Ave., Hull



c. 1901?: French owners.


By 1930: Soc. Anon. des Chalutiers du Littoral, Arcachon.


1931: E. Jannet, Arcachon.


1934: Gaston le Coronne, Lorient.


Landed at Milford: 13 Mar 1889 - 15 Jul 1895

Skippers:  1889: Henry Berry

1890: Minns (?)

1891: A. H. Bailey

1892: Bailey; Searne (?); Mun (?); C. Ballard;

1893: David Pettit; Addy (?);

1894: Bart Foster; J. L. Stroud

1895: Foster; Henry (?) Dove.

Notes:  Jan 1895: Towed the BLENGFELL barque to Milford Haven.  [See below.]

1938: Broken up.

 Accidents and Incidents

From the Western Mail of Tuesday 26th March 1895:





    On Saturday, in the Admiralty Division of the High Court, Mr. Justice Day, sitting with Trinity Masters, disposed of a salvage claim for 530 by the owners, &c., of the Electra against the owners of the Blengfell, in respect of certain services rendered to the defendants' barque, of Liverpool, in the Irish Sea, on the 17th and 18th of January last.  The Electra had been fishing off the south coast of Ireland, and was making for Milford Haven with her fish, when the crew sighted the Blengfell in a disabled condition, through having lost her main topmast.  She was on a voyage from Huanillos, in Peru, to Queenstown, for orders as to her cargo of guano.  The total value of the Electra with her cargo of fish was 4,090, while that of the Blengfell was 12,649 10s.  The towage occupied 191 hours, and both vessels arrived safely at Milford Haven at eight a.m. on the 18th of January. ―The plaintiffs stated that the sum of 530 which they claimed was the amount agreed upon between the captains of the two ships, but the defendants denied, alleging that the sum agreed upon was only 30. ―Mr. Justice Day awarded the Electra the sum of 175, to be apportioned thus ― her owners 130, her master 10, and the remainder, 35, to be divided amongst her crew.




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