Official No:  105100     Port and Year:  Hull, 1896 (H320)   

                                                                 Scarborough, 1920 (SH280)

                                                                 Fleetwood, 1934 (FD27)

Description: Iron side trawler; coal fired, steam screw. 


Built: by Cochrane & Cooper, Beverley in 1896 (Yard no. 153)

Tonnage:   184 grt  79 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 110.9 / 21.3 / 11.3                                                         

Engine: T 3-Cyl; 60 rhp; by C. D. Holmes & Co., Hull



Mar 1896: Armitage's Steam Trawling Co., Hull


Aug 1903: Central Steam Fishing Co., Docks, Milford

Manager: G. H. D. Birt


1914: Armitage's Steam Trawling Co., Fleetwood

Manager: G. T. Armitage,


As SH280

1920: Gamecock Steam Trawling Co., Scarborough

Manager: F.G. McConkey,


c.1926: James Pattison, West Hartlepool.


As FD27

1934: Stanley Steam Fishing Co., Fleetwood.


Landed at Milford: 5 Aug 1903 - 17 Oct 1904

Skippers: 1903: J. Reynolds; William Jones

1904: Jones; John Dove; Thomas Salter.

Notes: Jan 1915: Requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to a minesweeper (Admy.no.944). 1 x 6pdr.

1917: Reduced to the Fishery Reserve.

1919: Returned to owners.

1937: Broken up.

[Information courtesy of Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust and the Bosun's Watch.]


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