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Official No:  144536   Port and Year:   London, 1920 (LO361)

Description: Castle Class steel side trawler; single screw, coal burning.  Ketch rigged. 


Built: 1917, by Smiths Docks Co., Southbank-on-Tees.  (Yard no. 709)

Tonnage:  275 grt  107 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 125.5  / 23.4 / 12.8

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 61 rhp.  Engine and boiler by builders



4 May 1920: T. J. Jenkerson & D. G. Jones, Docks, Milford

Manager: Tom Jenkerson.


Landed at Milford:  2 May 1920 - 7 Apr 1956 (Except for war years.)

Skippers: Francis Moxey Hawkings  (1923); James Lawrence (1946)

Notes: 15 Aug 1917: Launched for the Admiralty (No. 3530) as a minesweeper. 1 x 12 pdr.

Aug 1939: Requisitioned by the Admiralty as a minesweeper and dan-layer  (P.No. FY.515).

3 Nov 1944: Returned to owners

25 May 1956: Laid up.  Broken up at Ward's yard, Castle Pill.

 Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 10th August 1923:


    On Monday and Tuesday the supplies of fish were rather poor, and the consequence was that the prices ran up to a considerable height.  Hake fetched 5 per kit, soles 9 per kit.  Supplies were better on Wednesday and Thursday, 20 trawlers landing on the former day and 15 yesterday.  Prices were down accordingly.

    On Wednesday, the first landings of herrings for the season was made, when the Milford steam trawler "Alexander Scott" landed 170 kits after three days. The prices ranged between 30/- and 39/- per kit.




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 22nd June 1945:


    The s/t "Alexander Scott", owned by Messrs. Jenkerson & Sons, a de-requisitioned trawler, began fishing from Milford this week.




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 18th January 1952:





    After two years as "runners-up", Skipper Albert Saunders and the "Milford Duke" are once again in top place in the Milford fishing "league".  In 1951 Skipper Saunders caught a greater value of fish than any other individual trawler captain in the port.

    Second in the league on last year's results is Skipper W. Burgoyne, who has moved up a place, closely followed by Skipper Steve Pembroke, who was sixth in the list of 1949 catches.  "Crack" Skipper for 1948 and 1949, Skipper Tom Donovan, D.S.C., is a close fifth in results while consistent Skipper James Jobson again occupies fourth position.

    Here are the leading positions, the ships being classed according to size.




    Capt. Kettle has done it again!  In 1949 Skipper Bob Kettle was runner-up in the Castle boats; in 1950 he topped the list and his catches in 1951 gave him a winning lead over steady Skipper George Knight, who took the Lephreto into second place for the second year running.  Two captains who have moved up in the "table" are Skippers Gue and Lawrence.

1.  Richard Crofts (Bob Kettle),  Mr. W. Wilcox.

2.  Lephreto (Geo. Knight), Messrs. Jenkerson.

3.  Thomas Leeds (Harry Gue), Mr. H. Westonborg.

4.  Alexander Scott (J. Lawrence); 5, Their Merit (Jeff Tucker); 6, Settsu (Norman Brown); 7, T. Booth (late Skipper R. W. Limbrick); 8. W. Bunce (W. R. Robertson); 9, Milford King (Albert Beckett)[sic]; 10, Sea Hunter (J. McLelland).





 L to R, back row: Deckies Walter Potter (Glebelands, Hakin), Aubrey Journeaux, (11 Church Road, Johnston) Cook Joe Blasywicz, Deckie Raymond Braithwaite, Learner Fireman Francis Farrel (Manchester)      

 Front Row: Fireman Earnest Oliver, (Swansea) Bosun Herbert Foster (22 Shakespeare Avenue, Milford) , 2nd Eng Hubert Rees  (Ivy House, Solva) Chief Eng Billy Llewellyn, (11 Milton Crescent, Milford) Skipper Billy Lawrence, (12 Starbuck Road, Milford)  Mate Algy Mathews (21 Edward Street, Milford) & Deckie Jimmy King

 (Fireman Kris Pederson is not in the group.)

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 17th December 1954, in the John Stevenson Collection




Back Row L-R: a Fireman, 2nd Eng Jones Of Solva, Deckies Walter Potter and Aubrey Journeoux, Bosun Herbert Foster

                              & an unknown Deckie.                               

Front Row: Mate Algy Mathews, Bob Denison, Chief Eng Billy Llewellyn, Skipper Jim Lawrence,  Fletcher & Irish Cook

John Stevenson Collection


From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 25th May 1956:


    A staggering blow to the depressed Milford fishing industry is the news that the old established trawling firm of Messrs. T. J. Jenkerson and Sons is going out of business.  The decision means that five Castle class trawlers and the only oil-fired post-war vessel in port will be withdrawn from fishing, throwing another 70 trawlermen out of work.  In addition, the firm has a considerable administration and maintenance staff, and is principally concerned in the Milford Engineering Company, Ltd., which will also be seriously affected.

    Two weeks ago Messrs. Jenkerson, whose principals are the brothers Leslie and kenneth, scrapped two Castle boats, the Hatano and Alexander Scott. 

    The present fleet consists of the coal burners Lephreto, Damito, William Bunce, Our Bairns, Their Merit, and the oil burner David Ogilvie, which was built in Aberdeen in 1949. 

    It is expected that all the ships with the exception of the David Ogilvie will go to the scrap yard.



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