Official No:    302385   Port Number and Year: Lowestoft, 1960

Description:  Steel side trawler.  Single screw motor vessel.


Built: by James & Stone, Brightlingsea, 1960.  (Yard no. 399)

Tonnage:137 gross 47 net 

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  93.6 / 22.4 / 10.6

Engine: Four single acting. 6Cyl; 360 bihp.  Ruston & Hornby



1960: Boston Deep Sea Fisheries, Fleetwood


1966: St. Christopher Steam Fishing Co., 24 St. Mary Axe, London EC3


1970: Boston Deep Sea Fisheries

Manager: W. H. Kerr, Docks, Milford.


1972: Boston Deep Sea Fisheries, Hull


1976 Employed on oil-rig standby duties.


Landed at Milford: Oct 1970 - Apr 1972  (Returned to Lowestoft.)


Notes: 1986:  Sold to Spanish owners and renamed MY FRIEND (LT183).

 Accidents and Incidents:

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 30th October 1970:


    In a straight swop the trawler Dicketa leaves for Lowestoft next Monday, having already been replaced by the smaller vessel Boston Comet from that port.  The Lowestoft crew which brought the Boston Comet to Milford on Wednesday will take the high-powered Dicketa round to the east coast port on Monday.  But the replacement trawler, which is in the same class as the Constant Star, and more suited to the present near-water fleet at Milford, is due to sail for the fishing grounds on Saturday in charge of Dicketa's former master, Skipper Bruno Linke, and his local crew.

    Both vessels are managed by W. H. Kerr, forming part of the Boston Herring Group.




From a local newspaper, possibly the West Wales Guardian of Friday 14th April 1972:


    With the departure of two trawlers to Lowestoft during the past week, the fishing fleet at Milford has been reduced to 12 vessels, one tenth of the numbers at its peak, and the lowest numbers in port history.

    First to go was the drifter-trawler Ocean Breeze (Mitchell Bros.), and on Saturday the Boston Comet (Boston Co.) departed for the same port, Lowestoft.  The Ocean Breeze left with an East Coast crew, but Milford men took the Boston Comet to her new home.

    Without doubt the adverse fishing weather out of Milford since last Christmas has influenced the transfer.  Both vessels have been managed at Milford  by Messrs. Kerr.  Their loss follows the recent departure for Nigeria of the Irish owned Ranworth Queen.




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