Official No: 88129   Port and Year:  Hull, 1883 ?

Description: Wooden fishing smack. Ketch rig.


Built:  1882? by ?

Tonnage:  82 grt 

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 112.3  / 21.6 / 10.9




1882?: Hull owners?


1889: William Wolfe, Milford.


Landed at Milford:  6 May 1889 - 3 May 1893

Skippers: 1889: Sheppard

1890: Holder; Furn; Galvin; Dayes; Gray

1891: Gray; Abbey; Thain

1892: Naylor; Bergen; Furn

1893: Furn; Naylor; Budd; Fern; Leader

Notes: 13 May 1893: Foundered 16 miles NW of the Smalls, after striking floating wreckage. [See below.]

 Accidents and Incidents


From the Aberdeen Weekly Journal, Monday, September 29, 1890; Issue 11123.




[From Lloyd's ― Sunday]

    The steamer Abraham Sutton and the trawler Conservative collided off the Smalls.  The former towed the latter to Milford in  a sinking condition.  She is now beached.




From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 17th May 1893:  


shipping casualties - The exceptionally dense fog of Friday night and Saturday morning was the cause of several serious disasters, three vessels being wrecked on the Smalls rocks, whilst many minor accidents are also reported. .......     The fishing smack "Conservative", owned by Mr. Wolfe, became a wreck on Saturday morning.  The boat left the dock on the 6th inst., all going well until 2 a.m. on Saturday morning, when the second hand, who was on deck, felt the vessel strike something.  No particular notice was taken of it at the time, but shortly after, it was discovered that the vessel was making water.  All hands were at the pumps, but as the water came in with such rapidity, they had to take to the boats.  The crew were brought in by the s.s. "Boronia" on Saturday night.  The weather was moderately fine as regards the wind, but there was a heavy swell and a dense fog, and the vessel struck about 15 miles south east by east of the Smalls.

[ The position given is incorrect - see following article. ]


From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 21st June 1893:  




[ The first part of the article is concerned with the loss of the YOUNG ALFRED smack. ]


    Immediately after the delivery of the decision in the preceding case, the court proceeded to investigate the foundering of the sailing ship, "Conservative", owned by Mr. W. Wolfe.

    The evidence of the skipper, Mr. E. Leader, was to the effect that the vessel, during a dense fog on the night of the 13th ult., struck against some floating wreckage, which caused her to make water.  The pump was utilized, but the influx of the water was so rapid, that the vessel had to be abandoned, and the crew went aboard the "Boronia", which brought them to Milford.  The vessel was valued at between 800 and 900, and was insured for 875.

    After hearing the evidence adduced by the crew, which occupied the whole of the day, the court gave their decision on Thursday afternoon.

    The Court were of the opinion that, as in the last case, the vessel was in a seaworthy condition, and that her pump was in proper working order.  According to the evidence laid before the court, the vessel was sixteen miles north-west of the Smalls, which was too near, and sufficient data of her position had not been kept.  The vessel was said to have struck against floating wreckage at 11.30 p.m. on the 13th ult.; the court thought it possible, but yet improbable, owing to the seriousness of the accident.  The court could not understand the cause of the vessel making so much water, but believed every possible effort was made to keep it under, and that it was not prematurely abandoned.  The vessel was not navigated with proper and sufficient care, and they thought both the skipper and second hand were to blame, but owing to the inconclusive nature of the evidence, they refrained from dealing with the certificates.  They added a rider to the effect that some evidence from the lighthouse officials, and from the steamer which picked up the boat's crew, would materially have assisted the investigation.



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