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[ALNMOUTH BL15 in the background.]

Official No:  95765  Port Number and Year:  2nd in Bristol, 1890 (BL3)

                                                                          5th in Milford, 1911 (M80)

                                                                            -  in Grimsby, 1917 (GY1077)

                                                                            -  in Lowestoft, 1920 (LT505)

Description: Iron side / beam trawler; steam screw, coal burning. (Early 1900s, long liner.) Wheelhouse aft.  Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail and mizzen

Crew:  9 men

Registered at Milford: 27 Mar 1911

Built: 1890 by W. Harkness & Sons, Middlesborough.  (Yard no. 123)

Tonnage: 139.32 grt  37.53 net. 1 Jan 1914: Amended by Board of Trade to 56.18 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet):95.5/ 20.1 / 10.75

Engine: C 2-cyl. 40 hp.   Engine and boiler: 1885, by W. King & Co., Glasgow.



As BL3

1890: Western Steam Trawling, Milford

Manager: Frederick Joshua Sellick, 'Marine House', Murray Cres., Milford.


As M80

27 Mar 1911: Emma Grand, 20 Hamilton Tce., Milford (32/64) (Died 30 Mar 1929, age 78)

Charles Maliphant Davies, Cromwell Tce., Priory Rd., Milford (32/64) (Fish merchant)

Manager: C.M. Davies.


As GY1077

Jul 1917: D. W. White, Grimsby


As LT505

Aug 1919: S. Bell, Lowestoft


1923: J & T Utting, Lowestoft


Landed at Milford:  17 Sep 1890 - 10 Feb 1917

Skippers: Brooks 1890-91; Garnham 1891; Smart 1891; 1892; Lane 1891-92; Payne 1892; Glansford 1892-93; Smith 1893; Greenside 1893-94; Jones 1894; Scott 1894-95; Marshall 1895-1898; Green 1898-1901; Cox 1901; Blockwell 1901; Riby 1901-02; Simmonds 1902-03; Riby 1903; Smith 1903; 1904; Abbott 1903-04;  Bloom 1903; Tyvold 1905-06

H. Tyvold, cert 6465, age 40, born Norway, residing 65 Waterloo Rd., Hakin; signed on 3 Jan, 4 Jul 1912; 15 Jan; 3 Jul 1913

J. W. Smith 4814, 61, Scarborough, 42, 31 Dec 1912

Notes: Laid up from 10 Dec 1913 to 3 Jan 1914

1917: Requisitioned into Fishery Reserve

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 28 Jun 1917. Transferred to the port of Grimsby.

 Accidents and Incidents

From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 2nd November 1892:


The Norwegian brig 'Triton', Captain Pederson, bound from Cardiff to Fredericia, Denmark, with a cargo of coal, struck on a rock thirty miles south west of the Smalls on Friday last, and foundered.  The steam trawler 'Dartmouth' stood by her for six hours, and eventually took off the sinking vessel's crew, six in number.  The Captain was the last to leave his vessel, which went down half an hour after he was taken aboard the trawler.  The shipwrecked men were landed at Milford Haven, and on Saturday evening were forwarded to their respective homes by Mr. John Phillips, the Norwegian Consul.




From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 3rd January 1892:


On Monday morning the steam liner 'Dartmouth' went to the assistance of the 'Josep Fisher', which was flying signs of distress off the Great Castle Head, the crew having left her, and she was taken in tow and brought safely to Milford Dock.




From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 27th May 1896:


The steam trawler "Dartmouth" was towed in on Sunday with a broken shaft.




From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 22nd March 1911:


    The "Dartmouth", a steam trawler which some years ago was converted for the purpose of long lining, has been sold privately by Messrs. Sellick, Morley and Price to Mr. John Grand and Charles Davies for 800.  Other old trawlers such as the "Avonmouth", "Bournemouth" and "Exmouth" are, we believe, in the market for selling, and will be disposed of to make room for more up-to-date craft under the firm's management.


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