Official No:  131932   Port and Year:  Brixham, 1911 (BM313)

                                                               Lowestoft, 1919 (LT485; later LT543) 

Description: Wooden fishing smack. Ketch rig.


Built: Robert Jackman, Breakwater Yard, Brixham, 1911

Tonnage: 52 grt  40 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet):

Engine: -



2  Aug 1911: John & Edward James Hellings, Hamilton Tce., Milford


As LT485

10 Jun 1919: J.M. Barnard, Lowestoft (Butcher)

                     J.Slater, Somerlayton ( Farmer)


Landed at Milford:  13 Aug 1911 - 2 Mar 1919


Notes: 1937: Sold to Swedish owners. Since 1959 rebuilt as a yacht after being used as a motorised trading vessel with a Deck House Cargo Hold and Hatch and cut down masts.  She has been extensively re-built and re-rigged as close as possible to her original rig as a Brixham Trawler. The Proprietors have a detailed history and many photographs of her re-building. The owners are Monica and Thomas Hellstrom Galarvarvet pir2 S 11521 Stockholm Sweden. [Information from]

 Accidents and Incidents

Entry from the log book of DOMINION M27:



Quarter belter knocked out and rail started.  Cause - ran into by DEODAR of Brixham.

J. Cornish (Skipper)




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