Official No: 91025   Port and Year: Swansea, 1888

Description: Iron side / beam trawler; steam screw; coal fired.  Schooner rigged


Built:  1885, by W. B. Thompson, Dundee.  (Yard no. 67)

Tonnage:  115 grt  44 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 100  / 20.1 / 10

Engine: C 2-Cyl; 41 nhp; by builders.



1888: John Benson, Swansea


1893: Mercader y Hijos, San Sebastian, Spain


Landed at Milford:  4 Jul 1889 -  22 Aug1893

Skippers:  1889: Beckett;

1890: Wooton; D. (?) Griffiths; J. Chamberlain

1891: Chamberlain; William Holder; Thomas May; Edgar (?) Garnham

1892: Garnham; T. Leyland; Henry Scott;

1893: Scott; Henry Belton; J. Cammish (?); W. Dayes.


 Accidents and Incidents

From the Daily News of Thursday, November 6, 1890; Issue 13912.





Schooner Harry Herbert, of Liverpool, Newport for Cork, coals, and steam trawler Dolphin collided at Milford last night; former was seriously damaged.




From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 12th July 1893:


ACCIDENT ON A TRAWLER. - A somewhat serious accident occurred on board the steam-trawler 'Dolphin' on Sunday.  The vessel came in and landed her fish on Friday, leaving the dock on Sunday morning.  When a few miles out, the second hand, John Carter, brother-in-law to Mr. George, of Hamilton-terrace, was working the winch, when by some means his clothes became entangled, and the unfortunate fellow was drawn into it.  He was tossed about unmercifully for some few seconds and then thrown out violently, pitching upon his shoulder, which was, as a result, severely fractured.  The skipper at once put in for Milford and Dr. G. Griffith was summoned, upon whose recommendation he was conveyed to the infirmary at Haverfordwest, a carriage being supplied by Mr. T. Palmer, of the Nelson Hotel.  The injuries are not, we believe, so serious as was at first feared, although quite serious enough, he having had a miraculous escape.




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