[Down by the stern.  See newspaper article below.]

John Stevenson Collection

Official No:  123378   Port and Year:  Aberdeen, 1907 (A122)

                                                               Aberdeen, 1923 (A935)

Description: Steel side trawler; single screw, coal burning.  Ketch rigged


Built: 1907, by Alexander Hall & Co., Aberdeen. (Yard no. 427)

Tonnage:  192 grt  74 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 115.5  / 21.7 / 11.9

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 68 rhp; by builders




1907: Horace Stroud, Aberdeen

c.1910: Renamed EAST COAST

Nov 1913: Unknown Portuguese owners.

1920: J de Coninck, Ostend.


As A935

1923: David D. Noble, 335 Victoria Rd., Aberdeen.


1941: Don Trawling Co., (Milford Haven), Docks, Milford.

Landed at Milford:  20 Feb - 10 Dec 1945; 

16 Mar 1946 - 23 Nov 1947; 

12 Feb 1948 - 30 Dec 1949;

10 Mar 1950 - 30 Nov 1952;

14 Oct 1953 - 26 Apr 1955.

Skippers: Sam Larner (1947)

Notes: Nov 1913: Sold by Horace Stroud  to Portuguese buyers for 500 in excess of the original cost when new.

Feb 1915: Purchased by the Admiralty and converted for minesweeping duties (Admy. No.1172)  1 x 12 pdr.

1919: Sold to mercantile.

1944: Requisitioned by the Admiralty, and converted to an Esso (P.No. 4.441)

1945: Returned to owners.

Nov 1947: Beached at Ballycotton after springing a leak. [See newspaper article below.]

1958: Broken up.

 Accidents and Incidents

From an unknown local newspaper dated 7th November 1947:

The crew of ten hands of the Milford steam trawler "East Coast" were saved when their vessel foundered off the Irish Coast on Thursday evening. The trawler is owned by the Don Trawling Company and her S.O.S. for assistance twenty to thirty miles off Ballycotton was answered by several local boats in the vicinity - the "Milford Viscount", "Slebech" and the "Arthur Cavanagh".

Milford householders, listening in on the trawler wave-band, heard something of the drama, but on Friday morning (today) the owners were still without official information. It is known, however, that the Ballycotton lifeboat was launched and proceeded to the spot, and that all the crew are safe.

A wireless message intercepted at Milford at 11.30 on Thursday stated that the "East Coast" had been abandoned and the crew were safe in a lifeboat. The trawler was stated then to be "settling".

The "East Coast" left Milford on October 25th, and put into Cork on Monday night to take aboard extra provisions as she intended staying at sea for eight more days.

The crew are as follows:

Skipper.                 Sam Larner, 74,Shakespeare Ave.

Mate.                     E. Harding, 108, Marble Hall.

Bos'un.                    F.R.Williams,Havens Head.

Third Hand.            W.Musk, Manchester Square.

Deckhand.              R.Huddlestone, Langford Rd.,Johnston.

Cook.                     J.Richards,Newel Hill,Tenby.

Chief Engineer.       R.Perrin, Trafalgar Rd.

Second Engineer.    W.Davies,The Court,Hakin.

Firemen.                E.Tippe (a Polish recruit to the industry).


As we go to Press we learn officially that the steam trawler "East Coast" has been towed to Ballycotton by the Milford trawler "Slebech" (E. E. Carter) and beached.


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