Official No: 96212   Port and Year: Grimsby, 1890 (GY236)

                                                            Aberdeen?, 1915 (A ? )

                                                            Scarborough, 1916 (SH ? )

                                                            Grimsby, 1919, (GY286)

Description: Iron side trawler; crabber; steam screw; coal fired.  Well deck. Ketch rigged

Crew:  10

Built:  1890, by Earles Co., Hull.  (Yard no. 332)

Tonnage:  183 grt  79 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 107.04  / 20.5 / 11.5

Engine: T 3-Cyl; 55 rhp; by builders.



Feb 1890: Grimsby Steam Fishing Co., Grimsby

Manager: G. E. J. Moody.


As A ?

Jul 1915: Aberdeen owner.


As SH ?

May 1916: Scarborough owner?


As GY286

Apr 1919: R. White, Grimsby


Apr 1926: Charles Harold Bird, 'Wellington Villa', Wellington Rd., Hakin


1928: Charles A Munnings, 12, Hakin Point, Hakin

T. D. Davies, Picton Rd., Hakin

R. A. G. Taylor, Post Office, St. Ann's Rd., Hakin

Archie R. Locke, 3 Picton Rd., Hakin.

Manager: David Pettit, Docks, Milford.


Landed at Milford:  11 May 1926 - 29 Oct 1928

Skippers: 'Ginger' Knowles (1928)

Notes: 1917: Requisitioned into the Fishery Reserve

1919: Returned to owners.

3 Nov 1928: Foundered off Tresore Point, Ireland. [ See newspaper article, and note below. ]

 Accidents and Incidents

From The Irish Times of Thursday 3rd November 1927:



The steam trawler Electric, of Milford Haven, was compelled, owing to stress of weather, to put into Dunmore a few days ago.  She came up to Waterford yesterday for survey, as she was found to be leaking, though not very seriously.  She will be overhauled by a surveyor appointed by Mr. W. E. Jacob, Lloyd's agent at Waterford.


The Times, Tuesday, Nov 06, 1928; pg. 13; Issue 45043; col G :   

News in Brief

The skipper and crew of ten men of the Milford trawler Electric, which was wrecked off the Irish Coast near Tresore Point about midnight on Saturday, were landed at Milford Haven yesterday.


Statement made by Skipper Noel Bray to Les Jones: 

"The steam trawler 'Electric' had her fishing gear down and towing around the Black Rock, Ireland, .... in 1928, around the 20th of October, when she struck a rock.  The crew were rescued by the steam trawler 'Uberty' skippered by Mr. Stanford.  The skipper of the 'Electric' was Ginger Knowles.  The Black Rock is inside the Barrels."

Skipper Bray began to fish out of Milford in 1921, and was fishing nearby in the CICERO when the ELECTRIC was lost.


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