Official No:  98825      Port Number and Year:  Bristol, 1890 (BL7)

Description: Iron side / beam trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail and mizzen

Crew: 10

Built: Sir Raylton Dixon & Co., Middlesborough,  in 1891.  (Yard no. 351)

Tonnage:133 grt  49 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 96.5 / 20.5 / 10.7

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 50 rhp.  Worth McKenzie & Co., Stockport



As BL7

1891: Western Steam Trawling Co., Bristol

Manager: Frederick John Sellick, 'Marine Villa', Murray Cres., Milford


1906: Sellick, Morley & Price, Docks, Milford

Manager: Sidney Morgan Price



1911: Zeeviss Maats 'Elisabeth', Ymuiden.


c.1916: Renamed ELNA?


Landed at Milford:  14 Sep 1891 - 24 Oct 1909

Skippers: 1891: Ebbesen; Garnham; Smart

1892: Smart; Limbrick; West

1893: Limbrick; Bromley; Scott

1894: Scott; Addy; Galvin; Stroud; Dayes

1895: Stroud

1896: Stroud

1897: Stroud; Watson; Bullen; Grey; Sandfield

1898: Setterfield; Stroud; Tucker; Dodd; Thomas

1899: Clarke

1900: Clarke; Bryant; Spurgeon; Maunder

1901: Maunder; Clarke;

1902: Maunder; Bradnum

1903: Maunder; Chenby; Masters; Maunder; Cutler; Bloomfield; Kilby

1904: Bloomfield; Scrrech; Cutler; Gibbs

1905: Thomas

1906: Thomas

Notes: Jul 1917?: Mined and lost; no survivors.

 Accidents and Incidents


From the Irish Times  of Thursday 1st November 1894:




    A Milford Haven correspondent reports the loss of the steamer Tormes off the Crow Rock, Linney Head, bound from Malaga to Liverpool, with fruit and wine.  She struck the rock on Tuesday night, and immediately broke in two and foundered,  Twenty-one hands, including the captain and officers, were drowned.  Seven only were saved, two sailors and five firemen, who were picked up by the steam trawler Exmouth and landed at Hakin.  A later telegram reports three bodies and a portion of cargo such as that carried by the Tormes have been washed ashore at Freshwater Bay.  The vessel is stated to have been of over 2,000 tons, with a crew of 28 hands all told. ..................



From the Western Mail  of Wednesday 3rd February 1897:






    The steam trawler Datura, of Milford Haven, struck the rocks off the Smalls at midnight on Monday, during a dense fog, and rapidly began to settle down by the head.  The crew of nine hands took to the boat, and shortly after daylight on Tuesday were picked up near Grassholm Island by the steam trawler Exmouth (Captain Stroud), and brought to Milford.  The Datura was returning from the fishing grounds at the time of foundering.


From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 22nd March 1911:


    The "Dartmouth", a steam trawler which some years ago was converted for the purpose of long lining, has been sold privately by Messrs. Sellick, Morley and Price to Mr. John Grand and Charles Davies for 800.  Other old trawlers such as the "Avonmouth", "Bournemouth" and "Exmouth" are, we believe, in the market for selling, and will be disposed of to make room for more up-to-date craft under the firm's management.




From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 5th April 1911:


    The steam trawler "Exmouth" has been sold privately to a firm at Ymuiden, Holland, whose representatives have been in the town for a few days negotiating.  The sale of the "Exmouth" is another of the older vessels of the fleet of Messrs. Sellick, Morley and Price which are gradually being cleared out.  She will undergo repairs and leave for Holland in about a fortnight's time.



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