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Official No:  168596  Port and Year:   Swansea, 1958?

Description: Wood side trawler; single screw, motor. 


Built: 1944, by Richards Ironworks, Lowestoft.  (Yard no. 327)

Tonnage: 133  grt  91 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 87.8 / 22.9 / 10

Engine:  4 SA 8 cyl 340 bhp. = 9 kts.  General Motors Corp.



As MFV.1507

Jun 1944: The Admiralty.



1958: Owens Trawlers (Norman J. Owens), Docks, Milford.

Manager: Fred Ingram, Norrard Trawlers.


Sep 1967: Alan MacLeod [See story below.]



1972: Napier Fisheries, Napier, NZ.


Landed at Milford:  26 May 1958 - 23 Oct 1966

Skippers: A. Beamish; Ken Jenkins

Notes: 1962: Featured in the film "The Inspector"  (US title; "Lisa")

Wrecked on the coast of North Island, New Zealand.

 Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 20th February 1959:


    The 93ft. motor trawler Heather George of Swansea has arrived at Milford to fish out of the port.  The Heather George is being managed by Norrard Trawlers Ltd., and is due to sail on Saturday.  Mr. Fred Ingram, D.C.M., Managing Director of Norrard Trawlers Ltd., stated that she will be in charge of Skipper A. Beamish, and she will be manned by the crew of The Norrard's trawler Lord Suffolk, which is due to leave soon to be converted from coal to diesel power.

    Skipper A. Springer, who commands the Lord Suffolk, is taking the Norrard Star this trip, while "King Jack" Chenery has spell ashore.

    The conversion of the Lord Suffolk means that Norrard Trawlers will have an all-diesel fleet operating from Milford when she rejoins the fleet. This will be the second local firm to be completely modernised, the other being Messrs. W. H. Kerr and Co., who are also drifter trawler specialists.




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 17th November 1961:



First Voyage


    The 90ft. former Swansea trawler, Heather George, sailed from Milford Haven on Wednesday under new, local ownership and with a Milford skipper and crew.

    The wooden-built ship has been taken over by well-known local builder brothers, Messrs. John and Norman Owens, directors of Messrs. Phelps and Owens, Ltd.  They are the principals of a new trawling company now in the process of being formed.

    The Heather George has been laid up for the last 18 months.  In the last few months she has been completely re-fitted and her Crossley 800 h.p. engine re-built.

    When she sailed on her maiden voyage the trawler looked like a smart new ship, painted in blue with yellow masts and a yellow funnel.

    She is in charge of Skipper Ken Jenkins, of Hakin, one of the port's younger drifter-trawler masters, who has been sailing as mate on the Latania.

    With him as mate is another certificated skipper, Mr. Billy Hawkins.  The Heather George has a crew of nine and will fish the near water grounds for eight to ten day trips.  She is being managed by Norrard Trawlers, Ltd.




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 8th May 1964:


    The drifter-trawler Heather George (Owens Trawlers) will be out of action for a month undergoing engine repairs necessary as a result damage accidentally caused whilst the vessel was in dock.




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 29th September 1967:





    A New Zealand family who travelled 20,000 miles to Britain in a converted army van are planning to sail the 12,000 miles home in the Milford Haven trawler Heather George.

    As reported in the Guardian three weeks ago, Mr. and Mrs. Alan MacLeod and three of their six children came to Milford looking for a suitable vessel to buy in order to return to New Zealand by sea.

    They chose the 90ft. oak-constructed Heather George, a drifter Trawler which has been laid up for a couple of years for economic reasons.

    A spokesman for her owners said on Thursday: "Negotiations for her sale are in hand."


    The Heather George has a 250 h.p. diesel engine and a fuel range of about 3,000 miles.





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