John Stevenson Collection (See below as A841)

Official No:    305277   Port Number and Year: 7th in Milford, 1963

                                                                               -   in Aberdeen, 1967 (A841)                                  

Description:  Steel side trawler; single screw motor vessel.

Crew: 12 men

Registered at Milford: 9 Jul 1963

Built: by Atlantic Shipbuilding Co., Newport, Mon., in 1963.  (Yard no. 90)

Tonnage: 308.38 gross 97.09 net 

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  120.09 / 26.1 / 12.1

Engine: One internal combustion vertical, oil; four single acting. 6Cyl; 876 bhp; 13 kts.  Mirrlees National, Stockport.



9 Jul 1963:  Welsh Fisheries, 26 Hamilton Tce., Milford

Manager: Henry William Kerr, Ships' Chandler, Docks, Milford


Renamed ASHLEA A841

22 Feb 1967: Craig Stores (Aberdeen).

Manager: Eric Craig, 18 Glendee Tce., Cults, Aberdeen


c.1980: Gallic Shipping Co., London EC2


c.1988: Jaderow, 'Cmaine House', Hill St., Hakin.

Still listed as such in Olsen's 1992.


Landed at Milford: As M138: 6 Jul 1963 - 2 Oct 1966.   As A841:  ?

Skippers: Clifford Saunders

Notes: Apr 1969: Grounded on Stroma, Orkneys. Aground only half an hour and succeeded in refloating herself; made for Scrabster.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 22 Feb 1967.  Vessel transferred to the port of Aberdeen.

 Accidents and Incidents:

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 5th July 1963:


    The fourth new trawler built at Newport for Welsh Fisheries, Ltd., was named Welsh Princess in a ceremony at Newport on Thursday.  Among those present were the trawler's skipper, Mr. Clifford Saunders, the mate, Mr. J. Manson, and their wives and the Milford crew who will bring the ship around to the port this weekend.

    The Welsh Princess will join three sister ships already sailing out of Milford, the Welsh Monarch, Welsh Consort and Welsh Prince.  Her skipper is the successful son of one of Milford's best-known trawler masters, the late Skipper Albert Saunders.  Clifford has commanded the motor "crabber", Picton Sea Eagle for several years.  His place in the Picton Sea Eagle has been taken by his former mate, Skipper Martin Davies.

    The Welsh Princess is due to sail on her first fishing trip next week.




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 4th September 1964:



   Two Hake Boats are Leaving


    Mr. W. H. Kerr, President of the Milford Haven Trawler Owners' Association, confirmed this week that he has placed an order with the well-known yard of Richard Gunstons, of Hessle, Yorks, for two new drifter trawlers.


    Mr. Kerr ... also confirmed the not-so-good news that the two remaining Welsh Fisheries boats, the Welsh Prince and Welsh Princess, are expected to leave shortly for another port.

    Four hake class trawlers were built by Welsh Fisheries at Newport and two of them, the Welsh Consort and Welsh Monarch, left Milford for Fleetwood at the turn of the year.


    The Welsh Prince grossed 2,038 for 15 days, compared with 3,400 by the Monarch for 13 days and 2,700 by the Consort for ten days out of Fleetwood last week.

    It is expected that the Prince and Princess will either go to Fleetwood where their sister ships are managed by the Boston Company, or to Aberdeen.




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 18th September 1964:




    One of the two Welsh Fisheries trawlers whose projected departure from Milford haven was reported last week, has been "reprieved" and will now remain at Milford "indefinitely".

    She is the Welsh Princess (Skipper Clifford Saunders), whose sister ship, the Welsh Prince, landed a 2,035 catch at Fleetwood on Monday and will now be fishing out of the Lancashire port.

    Mr. W. H. Kerr, whose firm manages the Welsh Fisheries ships at Milford, stated this week: "We have decided to keep the Princess at Milford but for how long I can't say."




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 22nd January 1965:


    The gales, which had raged for a week, increased on Saturday afternoon.  Fourteen trawlers sailed out of Milford Dock on the early morning tide, but no one got further than Chapel Bay.  As the gale gusted to 80 m.p.h., all the trawlers returned into the dock when the gates opened at 3 p.m. 

    Some of the local fishing fleet had been storm bound in port for a week, along with a number of French and Belgian trawlers.  At tide time on Sunday there were 20 French vessels, 6 Belgians and all but four of Milford's entire fishing fleet sheltering in dock



    One of the four Milford vessels at sea, the Welsh Princess (Skipper Clifford Saunders) battled 400 miles through the gales to dock on Sunday and be the only ship able to land at the port on Monday, and his 11 days 280 kits trip was sold for 2,568. 

    Skipper Saunders told our reporter: "We left the Butt of Lewis off north west Scotland on Friday, and steamed through the gale to get home for Monday's market.  We had a very bad passage all the way, the gale was getting worse all the time."

    "But," he added, "the worst part of the trip was when we got into the haven itself.  Conditions were so bad that we had to dodge up and down the harbour because it was too rough to anchor in the stream.  We passed St. Ann's Head about 1.30 p.m., but it was 5 p.m. before we could dock and get ashore."

    The only three local ships not in port were Hector Gull, Willing Boys and Ocean Breeze.





From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 13th January 1967:



    In recent weeks it became known in the port that two hake class vessels, the Welsh Consort and Welsh Princess, laid up at Milford for several months, have been seized by the White Fish Authority in settlement of unpaid loans.  Their sister ships in other British ports were similarly reclaimed and all four vessels have been offered for sale by the W.F.A.




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 10th February 1967:


    Two hake class trawlers reclaimed by the White Fish Authority have left Milford Haven this week.  First to go was the Welsh Consort, bought by a Grimsby firm.  Last night her sister ship, the Welsh Princess, left in charge of a Scottish crew for Aberdeen, where she is to join Messrs. Craig's fleet, which already includes the Argo of Pembroke.

    The Welsh Princess was prepared for the trip by Norrard Trawlers Ltd.


ASHLEA approaching Milford Docks entrance

John Stevenson Collection



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