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This website is dedicated to all the men who sailed on fishing vessels out of Milford and other Pembrokeshire ports, and especially to those who lost their lives at sea.  It is also dedicated to two men in particular:  my grandfather, Skipper John Johnson (1864-1906), who in 1881 was an elastic web weaver in Nottingham, and in 1888 was Third Hand on FLYING SCOTCHMAN, the second steam trawler to be registered in Milford; and my great grandfather, Chief Engineer David John Davies (c.1854-1906).  They both sailed together on GLOXINIA, and died in the same year, long before they came to have many descendants in common.  I am greatly indebted to the extensive and detailed memory of Skipper Alfred Beckett (1916-2005), and to his son Terry.  Most of all, I am indebted to the late Mr. Les Jones of Hakin, who dedicated his life to accumulating an archive of material relating to the history of the port of Milford; to his widow Vera, who donated the archive to Milford Haven Library; and to Mr. Clive Richards, the Librarian, who generously allowed my access to it.

Barry Johnson


Note: On these web pages, following local tradition, 'Milford' refers to the town and port; 'Milford Haven' to the waterway.


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Chronology of Milford as a Town and Fishing Port


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