Official No:  99080     Port Number and Year: 36th in London, 1892  (LO88)                                                                                13th in Swansea, 1906 (SA18)

Description: Steel side / beam trawler; single screw; coal burner; ketch rigged.

Crew: 10 men

Built: T. R. Oswald & Co., Castle Steel Works, Castle Pill, Milford; in 1892.  (Yard no. 263)

Tonnage: (1892) 138 grt  50 net. (1894: 63 net).  (By 1903: 168 grt 61 net.)

                 (Lloyds List 1930: 170 grt 47 net)

Length / breadth / depth (feet): (1892) 100.5 / 21.1 / 9.9.  (By 1903: 107.5 / 21.1 / 9.9.)

                                                      (Lloyds List 1930: 112.6 / 21.1 / 9.7)

Engine: C 2-Cyl. 44 rhp.  Engine aft. A. Shanks & Son, Arbroath. 

Later: T 3-Cyl 49 nhp; N.E. Marine Engineering Co., Sunderland.




Jun 1892:  Robert S. Brocklebank, 58 Thurlstone Rd., West Norwood, Surrey. 

                  C. E. Newbon.

Managing owner: R.S. Brocklebank.



1894: George H. D. Birt, Docks, Milford.

Managing owner.


1897: Castle Steam Trawlers Ltd., 3 Lothbury, City, London.

Manager: George H. D. Birt, Priory Lodge, Milford.


As SA18

1906: The Castle Steam Trawling Co., Swansea.

Manager: Crawford Heron, Earlsmoor, West Cross, Swansea.


[ Thanks to Bryan Richards www.swanseamariners.org.uk ]



12 Jul 1907: Marcus C. Bull, Hellisfjord, Iceland.

Managers: Christian Salvesen & Co., Leith. 



11 Mar 1911: Häller & Odenburg, Smögen, Sweden.



Jul 1917: Andreas Odenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden. 


5 May 1922: August Hansson, Gothenburg, Sweden. 



26 Mar 1931: Havfiskeselskap Oslo, Norway.

Managers: Sølfest Andersen, Oslo.


1933:  Frode Hansen, Oslo.


1936: J. Stoermann Næss, Bergen, Norway.


1947: Nils O. Fjæreide, Knappskog, Norway.


1948: Johs Berge, Bergen, Norway.


1950: Olaf Alvestad, Bokn, Norway. 

Landed at Milford:  As WESTWARD HO 4 Jun 1892 - 13 Nov 1894

As CAREW CASTLE 2 Dec 1894 - 20 Jul 1904


1892: Chamberlain.

1893: Chamberlain; Horth. (Chief Engineer: George Walker)

1894: Chamberlain; Hardisty; Jones; Galvin

1895: Galvin; Chamberlain

1896: Smith; Dayes

1897: John Dove; Ward; Nightingale

1898: Hill; Bennet; King

1899: Sandfield; King; Taylor; Leggett; Kingston; Hastings

1900: Hastings; Dodd

1901: Dodd; Kilby; Salter

1902: Salter

1903: Salter; Gale

1904: Gale


26 Feb 1910: "Confiscation of fish caught in the Moray Firth has already taken place, namely, in the case of the Danish vessel 'Thora,' which was observed at work in the Moray Firth on 26th February, and whose catch of fish was seized at Grimsby on the 2nd instant." [Hansard, 10 March 1910.]

12 Apr 1940: Taken up by German Kreigsmarine as patrol vessel in Norway.

6 Jun 1945: Returned to her owner, and reinstated as ENA I.

1947: New oil fuel engine installed, by Skandia Verken.

1955: Broken up in Norway.

[ Information 1907-55 supplied by www.historisches-marinearchiv.de ]



Accidents and Incidents


From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 15th June 1892: 


    On Thursday last, the 9th instant, the trial trip of the new steam trawler "Westward Ho", built by Messrs T. R. Oswald & Co., Limited, of this port, took place in the Haven.  Mr. Arthur Oswald, and Messrs Newbon & Brocklebank, the owners, were on board, with a party of friends.  She made two runs, down and up the Haven, in both of which her speed proved satisfactory, and then proceeded to sea for a trip around the islands.  Captain Chamberlain will have charge of her, and Mr. George Walker will be chief engineer.  The general opinion seems to be that she is one of the best steam trawlers that have entered this port.  During her passage home Messrs Newbon & Brocklebank presented to Captain Chamberlain a handsome gold keyless watch in recognition of his services while in command of their steam trawler "Commodore".



From The Welshman, Carmarthen of Friday 6th December 1895:

    On Wednesday morning, 27th ult., Captain Chamberlain, of the steam trawler, Carew Castle, came into dock, and reported to the authorities that he had lost one of his crew on Sunday morning, when about 50 miles south of Kinsale. The missing man was employed as cook, and named Edward Fish, aged 34, and supposed to be a native of Yarmouth. The last seen of him was in the galley, but his disappearance cannot be accounted for.


From the Western Mail of Monday 13th November 1899:



    Carew Castle, steam trawler, towed Milford by trawler Bournemouth with boiler tubes leaking badly.



From the Liverpool Mercury of Saturday 2nd December 1899:



Mr. JAMES THOMAS has received instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at the Lord Nelson Hotel, Milford Haven, on Tuesday, 14th inst., subject to conditions to be produced at the time of sale

The Steel Screw Steam Trawler


of London, with all her tackle, apparel, furniture, fishing gear, and appurtenances. 



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