Official No:  120051   Port and Year:  13th in Brixham, 1904.

Description: Wooden smack; ketch rigged.


Built: J.W. & A. Upham,  Brixham; in 1904

Tonnage: 51 grt  41 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  -  / -  / -

Engine   -



5 Jul 1904:  Geo. Tucker, 31 Bolton St., Brixham.


15 Nov 1911: Joseph Whicher, 30  Hamilton Tce., Milford.

Landed at Milford: (1904 - 1911: Seasonal)  7 Dec 1911 - 24 Oct 1916.

Skippers: Kerman (1904); Kennar (1905)

Notes: 22 Mar 1917: Stopped and scuttled 14 miles S of Berry Hd., by UC-17 (Kptlt. Ralph Wenninger); no casualties. []

[Information from Brixham Heritage Sailing Trawler Archive.]

Accidents and Incidents

From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 23rd December 1910:




    In a more detailed account, our Milford correspondent writes:

    The terrific gale which prevailed last Thursday and Friday wrought tremendous havoc on land and sea. Not since the year 1886 has such a terrible storm occurred on the coasts of Pembrokeshire. The sea was in an awful fury, and presented a sight terrible to behold.

    The destruction on land was great, but nothing to compare with that which has wrought on sea. An enormous amount of damage occurred amongst the shipping, but saddest of all is the loss of life.

    The storm began to rise early on Thursday morning, and by noon had increased greatly.



    Quite a gloom was cast over fishing circles when the news became known that the skipper and mate, R. Foster and C. Stokes, of the Milford smack "Friendship" had been washed overboard and drowned at sea. The smacks "Gratitude" and "Verusa" later fell in with the "Friendship" and towed her to Brixham. Everything portable had been washed off the decks but the two apprentice boys on the vessel were rescued. The fishing smack "Beeorchis" collided with the smack "Curlew," of Brixham, causing extensive damage to the rail and covering board of the latter. The "Beeorchis" was also considerably damaged. Numerous other vessels received minor damages and there are others which were out during the storm but have not yet reported themselves.



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