Official No:  -     Port and Year: Ostende, 1912 (O.87)

                                                       Dieppe, 1935 (DI ?)

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning. 


Built: 1912; Cochrane & Sons, Selby.  (Yard no. 522)

Tonnage: 218 grt  101 net. 1931: 234 grt 52 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 115.0 / 21.5 / 11.7

Engine: T-3 Cyl, 70 nhp, 10.0 kts; Earle's Ship Building & Engineering Co., Hull.




2 Aug 1912:  Soc. Anon. des Pêcheries à Vapeur , Ostend.

Manager: John Bauwens.



1931: André & Folliot, Dieppe.


1933: Folliot & Cie, Dieppe.


1935: Mallet & Folliot, Dieppe.

As DI ?


Landed at Milford: 10 Sep 1914 - 21 Aug 1919  [See ISA O.81]


1937: Sold to shipbreakers.

[Lofthouse T., Mayes G., Newton D., & Thompson M. (2012): Cochrane Shipbuilders Vol.1: 1884 - 1914.]


Accidents and Incidents


From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 7th June 1916:


                    BELGIAN FISHERMAN DIES AT SEA.

    On Monday the Belgian steam trawler Emmanuel arrived back in dock, after only having left on Saturday. On the voyage one of the firemen was found to have died suddenly. The skipper put into Ireland to summon medical aid, but it was too late and he returned home to Milford Haven and landed the body. Deceased was a respectable man, married with one child and lived in Dartmouth-street. It is not known if an inquest will be held. 

From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 14th June 1916:



    The Belgian community are accustomed to pay due respect and reverence to their departed friends, and the funeral of Leon J. Burke, stoker on the steam trawler, "Emmanuel," whose sad death at sea was reported in our last issue, was largely attended. It is the custom to issue a printed notice as an invitation to the funeral. At 10 o'clock on Thursday morning from 50 to 100 Belgian men and women assembled in Dartmouth Gardens, where the deceased had resided with his wife and child. The coffin, covered with the Belgian flag, was placed in the hearse, and the procession was headed by the Belgian priest and three acolytes. A service was held in the Catholic Church, Priory Road, and the interment took place at the cemetery, Father Hope and the Belgian priest officiating. The deceased's employer, Mr J. Banwens, was represented by Mr Dillens, and there were other owners' representatives present.



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