Official No: 65024     Port Number and Year:   - Milford, 1874.

                                                                                - Cardigan, 1896. (CA ?)       

Description: Wooden sailing smack; beam trawling.  Cutter rigged.

Crew: 2 men, 1 boy.

Registered: 1 Jan 1874

Built: Robert Wadlow, Pembroke Dock, 1873.

Tonnage: 34 grt 

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 45 / 15.5 / -

Engine: -



As M11

1 Jan 1874:  David Jones, Tudor Sq., Tenby.


1894: Daniel Davies, Dinas Cross, Newport, Pembrokeshire.

Managing owner and Skipper.

John Davies, Dinas Cross, Newport, Pembrokeshire. *


As CA ?

9 Apr 1896: Vaughan Davies, West Street, Fishguard.

Managing owner. (32/64)

John Phillips, West St., Fishguard.  (32/64)


Landed at Milford: [Landed at Tenby, and Dunmore, Ireland, in 1889.]


1884: John Buley (05076), b. Tenby in 1844;of Quay Hill, Tenby.

1885: George Nicholls (01576), b. Plymouth in 1840, of Dunmore East, Ireland.

1888: John Keane (02683), of Dunmore East, Ireland.

1888: Samuel W. Richards (01953).

1888: Henry Davis (02986)

1888: George T. Lewis (01576), b. Brixham

1889: George Nicholls (01576), b. Plymouth in 1840, of Dunmore East, Ireland.

1889: John Power (2869).

James Elliot.


22 Feb 1885: Registry certificate lost and a new certificate issued.

21 Jan 1895: Milford register of ships stated “sold as hulk and unfit for sea service”.

1896: Registered in Cardigan for fishing.

1902: Ceased fishing; see newspaper report below.

25 Apr 1903: Total wreck in Jack Sound; "a treacherous body of water ... between the island of Skomer and the Pembrokeshire mainland that contains numerous reefs and a tidal race of up to 6 knots." [Wikipedia.]

18 May 1903: Registry closed, certificate lost with the vessel.

[ Thanks to Miss Nikki Bosworth, Archivist, and Pembrokeshire Archives, Haverfordwest.

Cert. Cancelled & Registry Closed: 21 Jan 1895.  Vessel ceased fishing.

 Accidents and Incidents


From the "Tenby Observer", of Thursday 1st May 1873:



LAUNCH - On Tuesday morning a very pretty little fishing smack was launched from the building yard of Mr. Robert Warlow, in Front Street. She was named the Fawn, by Miss Alice Davies, daughter of Mr. Davies, H.M. Customs. The Fawn is built for Mr. David Jones, of Tenby, and her length of keel is 45ft., beam 15ft. 6in., and about 55 tons builders' measurement.



                                                                                                                    Orielton House

                                                                                                                           Dinas Cross


Mr Crocker

    Sir in reply to yours of today, with regard to happen like that, the vessel arrived at Dinas on the 19th day of Oct and did not finished to discharge untill [sic] the 22nd day of Oct and the weather then turned to ruff [sic] to sail, and on the 24th day of Oct she was caught by a gale from the WNW & throwed [sic] on the beach and she carried away her rudder Bildge [sic] piece & Lost the Brat and started off other seams under the quarter, and before Seareing [Sailing?] had her repaired ready to take down to Fishguard to lay her up.  She was caught by another gale and made her a total wreck in Nov and that is the way it was.

    I made a deposition at that time to Mr. Lewis Customs Cardigan.

                                                                                                                                              I remains

                                                                                                                                                 Yours truly

                                                                                                                                                      Dan Davis [sic]


(Daniel Davies of Orielton House, Dinas Cross, born 1869, and John Davies of Dinas Cross, born 1867.) 



From the "Evening Express", of Friday 25th March 1898:






The smack Fawn, of Cardigan, smack Mary Ann, of Milford, and schooner Unicorn of Ayr, Goodwick, near Fishguard: crews saved.



From the  “Pembroke County Guardian and Cardigan Reporter”, on Thursday 16th October 1902:



About 50 tons of the materials of the dredger Agnes was taken away, as scrap iron, last week in Capt. Philipps' smack "Fawn".



From the “County Echo”, Thursday 7th May 1903:




The smack "Fawn," of Fishguard, has become a total wreck in Jack Sound, St Bride's Bay. The crew were saved.




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