As ANNABELLE A101. (Thanks to Bill Blow.)

Official No:  143459     Port Number and Year:  -  in London, 1919 (LO179)

                                                                                  -  in Grimsby, 1921 (GY1314)

                                                                                  -  in Aberdeen, 1934 (A101)

Description: Strath class; steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning.

Crew: 9 men (1921)

Built: 1917, Hall, Russell & Co. Ltd. (Yard no. 611)

Tonnage: 215.81 grt. 93.08 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 115.4 / 22.5 / 12.3

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 57 RHP, 430 IHP.  10.5 kts. Engine by builders.




20 Dec 1919: John T. Jackson, Elmleigh, Ilkley, Yorks.

Manager: William Barton, Esk Tce., Whitby.


Jan 1920: Irish Trawler Co. Ltd., Larne Harbour, Co. Antrim.

Manager: Alexander B. MacRae, Auckleach, Stranraer.

                (Unknown Milford manager - see landings below.)

2 Oct 1921: Consolidated Steam Fishing Ice Co. (Grimsby) Ltd., Auckland Rd., Fish Docks, Grimsby.

Manager: John Denton Marsden. (Same address.)

22 Oct 1921: As GY1314. (BT145 London.)

2 Mar 1922: As ANNABELLE GY1314.

4 Mar 1924: Sir John Denton Marsden, Bart. appointed manager.

29 Jun 1927: Consolidated Fisheries Ltd., Auckland Rd., Fish Docks, Grimsby.


As A101

30 Jun 1934: Robert Maine, Aberdeen. (Fish merchant).                            )

Andrew Christie, Aberdeen.  (Trawl master).                                              )     64/64

Isabella Cook Maine, Aberdeen. (Widow).                                                 ) Joint owners.

Managing owner: David Wood, 'Rose Tor', Anderson Drive, Aberdeen.    )


7 May 1935: David Wood, 'Rose Tor', Anderson Drive, Aberdeen. (Fish merchant).

Managing owner.


16 Oct 1958:  Wood & Bruce Ltd., Commercial Quay, Aberdeen.

Landed at Milford: 10 Nov 1919;  13 Feb  - 12 Dec 1920 (36 landings)


George Borthwick, age 22; born in Dalkeith, Scotland; Landsman, HMS VICTORY at Trafalgar. (As O.S. in HMS MILFORD, 1809.)

21 Jun 1917: Completed as minesweeper 1917.  Admy. no. 3621.  1x12pdr, 1x7.5in Bomb Thrower (A/S Howitzer). Fitted with listening hydrophones.

22 Oct 1921: London registry closed.

26 Jul 1934: Grimsby registry closed.  

27 Nov 1939: Requisitioned as ANNABELLE and converted to Armed Patrol Vessel.
1941: Converted to a Boom Defence Vessel (barrage balloon).
15 Dec 1944: Returned to owners.

Nov 1958:  Sold to BISCO and allocated to Shipbreaking Industries Ltd, Charlestown, Fife for breaking up.

30 Nov 1959:  Arrived Charlestown, Fife, from Aberdeen under own power.

14 Mar 1960:  Aberdeen registry closed.  “Vessel broken up.”

[Thanks to Gil Mayes for later owners and the end of her life.]


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