Official No:   20376               Port Number and Year:   -    in Poole, 1859.

                                                                                            -    in Dublin, 1863+

                                                                                           1st in Milford, 1889

Description: Wooden sailing smack; trawling and lines  Cutter rigged.

Crew: 3 men, 1 boy

Registered: 24 Jun 1889

Built: Poole, 1859

Tonnage: 23 grt 

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 50 / - / -

Engine: -



1859: As L'ECLAIR, Poole.


As D -?

By 1863: Dublin owner.


By 1866: Joseph Henry Townshead, Kingston, Dublin.


1874: William Henry Field, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.


1875: Edmund Buckley, Dinas Mawddry, Merioneth.


By 1878: William F. Roach, Ashdale, Haverfordwest.


As M23.

24 Jun 1889: Thomas Jenkins   )

David Jenkins                           )  Broad Haven

William Jenkins                        )


30 Dec 1890: William Francis, Milford.

Managing owner.


1892: Richard H. Tuck, Victoria Pl., Haverfordwest.

Managing owner.


By 1894: George Cornell, 'Montebella House', Ilfracombe, Devon.


1897: Francis Cotton, Little Buckland, Lymington, Hants.


Landed at Milford:

Skippers: Thomas Jenkins (1889)


Cert. Cancelled & Registry Closed: 1899? [ Not in MNL 1900. ]

 Accidents and Incidents

From The Cardiff Times of Saturday, 16th August 1879:


    Tenby Regatta took place on Wednesday under most favourable conditions, a nice sailing breeze blowing from the S.W. Precisely at 11.30 the first-class yachts started under weigh, the yachts being the Briton (cutter), 32 tons, C. N. Rodrick, L'Eclair (cutter), 33 tons, W. F. Rock [Roach] and the Helene (cutter), 27 tons, J. G. Lock. The Mohi, which had been entered, did not appear until some time after the yachts had started. On rounding the first mark the L'Eclair led, followed closely by the Helene, the Briton being two minutes behind. The second mark was rounded in the same order, the Briton having hauled on the Helene a minute. On rounding the third mark the Helene led, followed closely by the L'Eclair and Briton. The result of the race was as follows: Helene, 1; Briton, 2; L'Eclair, 3.  It was won by seven minutes.


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