Official No:  108443    Port Number and Year:   Grimsby, 1897 (GY207)

                                                                                  Lowestoft, 1925 (LT131)

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning.


Built: 1896 by Mackie & Thomson Ltd, Govan (Yd.No.132)

Tonnage: 162 grt  63 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 104.2  / 20.5  / 10.7

Engine: T.3-cyl;  by Muir & Houston Ltd, Glasgow



5 Feb 1897:  Hagerup & Doughty, Grimsby.


Apr 1906: Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co., Grimsby

Manager: John D. Marsden 


9 Jan 1925: As LT131

Sep 1927:Consolidated Fisheries Ltd, Grimsby

Manager: Sir John D. Marsden, Bart,


29 Sep 1941:Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co., Fleetwood

Manager: B. A. Parkes, Cleveleys.


28 Nov 1944: William D. Uglow & Samuel F. Uglow, Milford

Managers: William D. Uglow & Co.


1945: F. Uglow & Son, Milford

Manager: William D. Uglow


31 Dec 1946: Respondo Trawlers,  Milford

Manager: J. Yolland


Landed at Milford: [No landings recorded for Milford - see below.]


Notes: 29 May1917: Requisitioned for Fishery Reserve.

1919:Returned to owners.

19 May 1940: Sailed from Lowestoft to Swansea and fished from that port during the war under the ownership of Consolidated and then Boston DSF.

1947-48: Laid up in poor condition at North Quay, Lowestoft.

1951: Broken up.

[Information kindly supplied by Gil Mayes and Barry Banham.]


Note supplied by Terry Beckett: Because of post-war crew shortages (according to the trawler owners) at Milford, Yollands and probably Uglows had ships fishing from Lowestoft for some time.  Yollands also had ships fishing out of Aberdeen, Fleetwood and Hull after the war, and they were also linked to Boston Deep Sea Fisheries, the former owners of the LEEDS.