Official No:  127115    Port and Year:  10th in North Shields, 1910 (SN143)

                                                                   -      -  Ostend, 1914 (O.151)

                                                                   -      -  North Shields, 1927 (SN108)

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning.


Built: 1910 by Hall Russell, Aberdeen.  (Yard no. 481)

Tonnage: 198 grt  77 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 112.7  / 22.2  / 11.0

Engine: T-3 Cyl, 77 rhp, by builders




1910: Richard Irvin & Sons, Fish Quay, North Shields.

Manager: Richard Irvin, 'The Elms', North Shields.



Jan 1914: Société des Pêcheries du Nord, Ostend.

Manager: M. Londres.



1927: Crater Steam Fishing Co., North Shields

Manager: Joseph D. Irvin, 63 Holywell Ave., Monkseaton.


Landed at Milford: 18 Sep 1914 - 13 Jun 1919; 6 Jan - 5 Mar, 17 Nov 1920; 12 Jun 1921.

Skippers: Louis Ponjaert (1914-21).

Notes: 1914-18: Fishery trawler.

3 Aug 1933: In tow, NELLIE WILSON arrived in the Tyne with engine trouble, and safely berthed.    [From The Times, Friday 4th August 1933 ]

1937: Broken up.


Accidents and Incidents


From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 16th September 1914:


Good News for Milford Haven.

    We are pleased to say that the information we were able to give with regard to the arrival of Belgian trawlers at Milford Haven, has been more than fulfilled for the twelve which we stated were likely to come have been considerably augmented. Steam trawlers from Ostend have arrived daily during the past week, and when the last arrives there will be something like twenty-six boats trading out of Milford Haven. Amongst the number are three old Milford trawlers which have come "back home." These are the St. Clears, St. Bride's and Athalia. The whole fleet represents five different firms, and all are under the management of Mr David Pettit, steam trawler owner and manager. The boats are all very fine craft, are thoroughly equipped, and are noted for large catches. At present most of them appear to be on the herring grounds, but ere long will have to go in pursuit of bake. The names of the vessels and firms are:— M. Londres, Ostend: Lucienne Jeanne, Odetta, Nadine; Jules Baels, Ostend: Baron Ruzitte, Koning Albert, Comte Horace Van Den Burgh; J. Vaels Manrica; Ame Belgides, Ostend: Ouse; J. Bamvens, Ostend: Emmanuel, President Stevens, Marielle, Gaby, Jokn, Ibis, Marie Louise, Jacqueline; Aspelagh, Ostend: Narval, Naide, Neptune, with others due at any time. The arrival of these boats have been a positive God-send, and as they will remain till the war is over the market is in for a good time after all as the absent mine-sweepers have been replaced. This is not all, for there is a report that about a dozen more Grimsby trawlers are due for Messrs Sellick, Morley & Price's management. Mr Price would not confirm the report to our representative, but the fact that one boat, the Crosby, has just arrived points to corroboration of the rumour. There is increased danger in the North Sea and a number of trawlers are now at Fleetwood, and sooner or later Milford is bound to share. The four mission smacks of the R.N.M. to Deep Sea Fishermen from the East Coast have already arrived at Milford Haven for the same reason. They are the Euston (Capt. Sneell), Ashton (Capt. Darrant), T. B. Miller (Capt. Page), and Alice Fisher (Capt. Lake). The Mission steam trawler Joseph and Sarah Miles," has gone to Fleetwood.



From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 21st June 1916:




    On Tuesday afternoon between one and two o'clock there was a very interesting ceremony in the dining room of the Fish Market Restaurant, when a number of Belgian skippers and leading officials assembled to do honour to the genial host and hostess of the restaurant, Mr and Mrs Thomas Prickett. For the past week or so a handsome 18 carat centre seconds gold watch with double gold albert to match has been exhibited in the window of Mr B. H. Munt, jeweller, Charles-street, together with a handsome biscuit barrel. Ever since the advent of the Belgian people to the town Mr Prickett has rendered them great help and kindness, especially in their afflictions, his healing balm having been willingly given them at all times, and the skippers and crews of the various trawlers felt that they ought to show their appreciation of his good works in a practical manner.

    The company present included Mr Adolphe Clauessens, Belgian marine commissionaire; Mr Auguste Liegeois, assistant commissionaire; Mr Raymond Dillen, accountant and cashier for the firm, Messrs. John Bauwens; Mr Jules Baels, jun., of the firm, Jules Baels; Skippers Louis Ponjaert, s.s. Nadine; Adolphe Brys, Ibis V.; Louis Coene, Mr Fridore Wallayes, chief engineer, s.s. Nadine. The presentation was made by Mr Clauessens, who spoke of the valuable services which Mr and Mrs Prickett had rendered to the Belgian people who had come to the port, not only to the fishermen but to their wives and families. These kindnesses they would never forget and they wished to give them some little recognition of their services. He then handed Mr Prickett the watch which bore the inscription, ''Gratitude to Mr Thomas Prickett, from Skippers and Crews of Belgian Steam Trawlers at Milford Haven, June 1916," and the biscuit barrel to Mrs Prickett. The company then drank the health of Mr and Mrs Prickett. Mr Prickett, in responding, said that he thanked them very much for the beautiful gifts. He had done what he could to help them and their families. He only hoped when this war, — which was the cause of their sufferings,— would soon be over and they would be able to return to their native land and dwell in peace and prosperity (applause). Later in the afternoon Mr and Mrs Prickett entertained the the little orphan boys of King Albert's training ship "Ibis" to tea at the restaurant. 



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