Official No:      -           Port and Year: Ostend, 1910.

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning.


Built: 1910 by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Beverley.  (Yard no. 205)

Tonnage: 211 grt  69 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet):   -  / -  / -

Engine: by C. Holmes, Hull.



Sep 1910: Reederij H.P. Aspeslagh, Ostend.


Landed at Milford: 13 Sep 1914 - 29 Feb 1916



c.3 Sep 1911; Collided with British steamer EROS in Ostend.

Mar 1916: Requisitioned by the Admiralty (Adm. no 3268) as a minesweeper. 1 x 12 pdr.

26 Nov 1916: Disappeared between Grimsby and Harwich, presumably by German destroyers, who had stopped the Dutch vessel BEIJERLAND 10 m N of Shipwash at 22.30,  and taken her pilot prisoner. BEIJERLAND stated that at 22.45 a vessel 1  mile to the southward was sunk by the destroyers (being 12 in number, according to the Dutch steamer).  The empty boat of NARVAL was picked up by trawler ATLANTA II on 27 Nov  in 52035N-0152E. The whole crew was taken P.o.W. and were reported at Ruhleben prison camp on 8.12.1916. (Skipper James Robinson, RNR).

[Information from Maurice Voss.]

 Accidents and Incidents

From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 16th September 1914:


Good News for Milford Haven.

    We are pleased to say that the information we were able to give with regard to the arrival of Belgian trawlers at Milford Haven, has been more than fulfilled for the twelve which we stated were likely to come have been considerably augmented. Steam trawlers from Ostend have arrived daily during the past week, and when the last arrives there will be something like twenty-six boats trading out of Milford Haven. Amongst the number are three old Milford trawlers which have come "back home." These are the St. Clears, St. Bride's and Athalia. The whole fleet represents five different firms, and all are under the management of Mr David Pettit, steam trawler owner and manager. The boats are all very fine craft, are thoroughly equipped, and are noted for large catches. At present most of them appear to be on the herring grounds, but ere long will have to go in pursuit of bake. The names of the vessels and firms are:    

    M. Londrs [sic?], Ostend: Lucienne Jeanne, Odetta, Nadine;

    Jules Baels, Ostend: Baron Ruzette, Koning Albert, Comte Horace Van Den Burgh, J. Vaels Manrica;

    Ame Belgides, Ostend: Ouse;

    J. Bamvens, Ostend: Emmanuel, President Stevens, Marielle, Gaby, Jokn, Ibis, Marie Louise, Jacqueline;

    Aspelagh, Ostend: Narval, Naide, Neptune, with others due at any time.

    The arrival of these boats have been a positive God-send, and as they will remain till the war is over the market is in for a good time after all as the absent mine-sweepers have been replaced. This is not all, for there is a report that about a dozen more Grimsby trawlers are due for Messrs Sellick, Morley & Price's management. Mr Price would not confirm the report to our representative, but the fact that one boat, the Crosby, has just arrived points to corroboration of the rumour.

    There is increased danger in the North Sea and a number of trawlers are now at Fleetwood, and sooner or later Milford is bound to share. The four mission smacks of the R.N.M. to Deep Sea Fishermen from the East Coast have already arrived at Milford Haven for the same reason. They are the Euston (Capt. Sneell), Ashton (Capt. Darrant), T. B. Miller (Capt. Page), and Alice Fisher (Capt. Lake). The Mission steam trawler "Joseph and Sarah Miles," has gone to Fleetwood.

[Paragraphing added.]

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