Courtesy of Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust and The Bosun's Watch

Official No:  143878    Port Number and Year:   London, 1920 (LO328)

                                                                                  Fleetwood, 1945 (FD107)

Description: Castle Class side trawler, steel; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged


Built: 1914 by Smith's Dock Co Ltd, South Bank-on-Tees, Middlesbrough  (Yard no.703)

Tonnage: 275 grt  107 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 125.5  / 23.4 / 12.8

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 87 rhp..  Engine by builders.



As LO328.

13 Feb 1920: The Admiralty, London.

Manager: The Secretary, Admiralty, Whitehall, London SW1.


4 Oct 1922:  Pater Steam Trawling Co. Ltd., The Docks. Milford.

Manager: John Grieve, Bush St., Pembroke Dock.


25 Sep 1939: Saint Andrew's Steam Fishing Co. Ltd., Hull

Manager: Basil A. Parkes, Cleveleys.


As FD107

1945:  Wyre Steam Trawling Co. Ltd., Fleetwood

Managers: Merchants (Fleetwood).

21 Dec 1948: As WYRE CITIZEN.


1954: Wyre Trawlers Ltd.

Manager: Leslie Wheildon.


Landed at Milford: 13 Jul 1920 - 28 Feb 1921; 5 Jul 1922 - 1 Aug 1939.

Skippers: John William Beck (1923); William Jeffrey James Tucker (1932)


Neil Smith, (age and birth place unknown); Surgeon's 3rd Mate, HMS VICTORY, at Trafalgar.

10 Aug 1917: Completed for the Admiralty (No. 3524)

Aug 1939: Requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted for minesweeping duties (P.No.FY.529). 1x12pdr AA.

1944: Converted for dan laying and assigned to Operation Neptune - Normandy landings.

23 May 1944:  Attached to the 4th Minesweeping Flotilla as a dan layer.

3 July 1944:  Operation Neptune ended.

3 Oct 1944: Returned to owners.

4 May 1956: Broken up at Dublin.

[Information supplied by the Fleetwood Maritime Trust and the Bosun's Watch website.]

Accidents and Incidents


From The Irish Times of 31st October 1927:



    No very serious damage to shipping at sea has been reported at Queenstown.  The trawler Neil Smith, of Lowestoft, put into Queenstown on Saturday morning and reported having encountered very heavy weather off the Irish coast.  She is being repaired locally.   .................



From The Times of Thursday, Apr 12, 1934; pg. 23; Issue 46726: 





HIROSE.― Valentia Wireless Station, April 11.― Following received from British trawler Neil Smith Trawler Hirose sinking rapidly position 52.5 N., 12.18 W., all crew now safe aboard Neil Smith. Valentia Wireless Station, Apl 11.― Following received from British trawler Neil Smith Trawler Hirose foundered 8.30 a.m.



From The Irish Times of 12th April 1934, p.7




    At 5.30 yesterday morning the trawler Herose [sic], of Milford Haven, foundered about fifty miles west of Valentia, County Kerry.  The vessel, it was stated, struck some submerged object, which damaged the propeller and hull, and she began to leak badly.

     A wireless call for assistance was sent out, and the crew of ten men made a fire of bedding and clothes soaked in petrol on the deck in order to attract attention in the darkness.

    The trawler Neill [sic] Smith, also of Milford Haven, seeing the flare, immediately rushed to the assistance of the Herose.  The members of the crew of the damaged vessel were taken off before she foundered, and the Neill Smith stood by until about 8.30.

    Captain Abramson and the crew of the Herose were later brought to Cahirciveen, and are staying at a local hotel.





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