Official No:  89030     Port Number and Year:   -   in Granton, 1885 (GN19)

                                                                                 -   in Ardrossan, 1896 (AD ?)

                                                                              2nd in Milford, 1900

Description: Wooden hull.  Steam screw; coal burner. Long lines.  Dandy rigged.

Crew: 6 men (1900)

Registered at Milford: 12 Mar 1900.

Built: 1885, J. McKenzie Boat Builders, Leith

Tonnage: 46.63 grt  19.86 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 67.3 / 17.3 / 7.53

Engine: C.2-cyl; 9 hp;  by John Cran Co., Leith 



As GN19

1885: James Lumsdon Cunliffe, 'Plewlands House', Mercheston, Aberdeen.

1891:    ..            ..             ..     ,  Albert Quay, Aberdeen. (Managing owner.)        


As AD ?

30 Oct 1896: John Craig, 137 Sinclair Rd., Torry, Aberdeen.

Managing owner.


As M151

12 Mar 1900: Thomas George Hancock    )           Joint owners:

Robert William Hancock                           )   'Hill House', Hill St., Hakin

Managing owner: T. G. Hancock


22 Nov 1902: William Warren Walton       )

Charles Harries Thomas                               ) Ferryside, Carmarthenshire

Thomas Morgan Humphreys                       )

Managing owner: W.W. Walton.


20 Feb 1907: Thomas Melrose, 4 Horsely Tce., Tynemouth.


[ Additional information thanks to Douglas Paterson, via Gil Mayes. ]


Landed at Milford:   24 Mar 1900 - 6 May 1905; 17 Feb 1907


1900: Thomas Rimmer; Robert Hastings; Hancock; White; Hancock

1901: Hancock; W.W. Brown; Robson; Hancock; Robson; Taylor.

1902 - 03: William George Taylor, cert. 6698;

1903: Davies; Taylor; Thomas; Taylor.

1904: Taylor; Pook; W.W. Brown; Pook; Thomas.

1905: Thomas.



Petrel in the UK is a small, oceanic bird, which flies low over the sea.

Dec 1891: Went ashore at North Pier, Aberdeen. (Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 8 Feb 1892.)

21 Nov 1907: Foundered 7 miles SE of Smith's Knoll Lightship.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 3 Dec 1907.


Accidents and Incidents


From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 29th August 1902:

    MILFORD PARTY VISITS THE ROYAL YACHT. On Saturday evening a large number of persons availed themselves of the free trip given by Mr T. J. Hancock on the steamer 'Petrel,' with the object of seeing the Royal yacht at Pembroke Dock, and perhaps some of the illustrious visitors on board. They were very fortunate in their experience, as they reached the yacht just in time to see the King and Queen on board after their return drive along the coast. They had an extremely good view of their Majesties, and they sang "God Save the King." The Royal party bowed their acknowledgments. 


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