Official No:   90952   Port and Year:   Brixham, 1884 (DH6 > BM211)

Description: Wooden smack; cutter

Crew: 3

Built: 1884, Brixham

Tonnage:  20 grt 20 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet):

Engine:     -



1884: Allen Snell, Brixham. 


1889: William G. Griffiths, Market St., Tenby.

Managing owner.


By 1903: Louis Kingdom, Bridge St., Tenby.

Managing owner.


1910: Aaron Kingdom, 24 Trafalgar Rd., Tenby.

Managing owner.


Landed at Milford: (Landed at Tenby)

Skippers: G. Gregory; S. Kingdom; E. Gregory; R. Nicholls.

Notes: 30 May 1913: Wrecked, Pendine Sands: 51.43.30N 04.33W.

[See "Shipwreck Index of the British Isles, Vol 5" (Section 8 EH).]

Accidents and Incidents

From The Weekly Mail, of Saturday 12th January 1901:



    In the early hours of Friday morning, during strong breeze from the eastward, the trawler Willie, belonging to Mr. W. G. Griffiths, fishmonger, Tenby, whilst trawling the Carmarthen Bar, was dismasted. Fortunately, no one was injured by the falling mast, the fishing smack Providence bore down upon the dismasted smack, took her in tow, and brought the vessel into Tenby Harbour.



From the Cardiff Times and South Wales Weekly News, of Saturday 25th December 1909:



        On Tuesday night a gale from the south-east sprang up at Tenby, and great anxiety was occasioned because of half-a-dozen trawlers which had not returned to harbour with the others which had made for port in the afternoon.  The boats were Elizabeth (Mr J. Smith, owner),  Gratitude (Mr. J. Smith),  Restless (Mr. T. Lillycrop), White Violet (Mr. W. Rowse), Providence (Mr Aaron Kingdom), and Willie (Mr William Thomas). The wind blew with tremendous force, and the sea both upon the north and south beaches was very heavy. The red lights upon the landing stage of the Victoria Pier could not be seen for spray, and the seas broke over the gangway leading to the lifeboat house. At 9 o'clock the lifeboat crew assembled, by order of Dr. Bryant, in the expectation that they would be required to go to the assistance of the trawlers which were out in the bay, and they remained on duty till 5 yesterday morning. The trawlers, however, managed to keep to windward until there was sufficient water to enter the harbour, which was about 11 o'clock. They did not get in without suffering considerable damage. The Providence smashed her pump and began to fill with water, also losing her mid-ship rail and main gaff; the Restless carried away her main boom. The Gratitude and the White Violet collided on entering the harbour, the former carrying away her mizzen boom and bowsprit, and the White Violet her mizzen boom. The Elizabeth was undamaged. A vessel supposed to be the Willie is in Caldey Roads.


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