Official No:  144612    Port and Year: London, 1919 (LO441)

                                                                 North Shields, 1929 (SN ? )

                                                                 Aberdeen, 1933 (A228)

Description: Strath Class steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged.

Crew:  10 men (1921).

Built: 1918 by Scott & Sons, Bowling.  (Yard no. 269)

Tonnage: 203 grt  81 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 115.6 / 22.2 / 12.2

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 57 rhp;  by W. H. Allen, Son & Co., Bedford




24 Aug 1920: The Admiralty, London.

Manager: The Secretary, Admiralty, Whitehall, London S.W.1


Dec 1921: Charles E. Curzon, 'Westaway', Picton Rd., Hakin, Milford.

Managing owner.


17 Dec 1926: Brand & Curzon, Ltd., Dock, Milford.

Managers: Edward Brand & Charles Curzon. (Same address.)


As SN ?

11 Apr 1929: Godfrey W. Dodds & Harold G. Dodds, Union Rd., Fish Quay, North Shields.

Managing owners.


As A228

4 Feb 1933: Peter & J. Johnstone Ltd., 186 Market St., Aberdeen.

Manager: John W. Johnstone. (Same address.)

15 Aug 1934: As CORENNIE


Landed at Milford:

As HMT ROBERT GIBSON: 23 Sep 1919.

As LO441: 15 Dec 1921 - 24 Mar 1929

Skippers: W. Shears (1923); S. Read.


Robert Gibson: three Trafalgar seamen of that name, born in London, Scotland and Lynn, Norfolk.

10 Apr 1918: Completed for Admiralty service, (no. 3762). 1x12 pdr, 1x3.5" bomb thrower.

1920: Sold to mercantile.

3 April 1940: The Aberdeen trawlers CORENNIE and DELILA returning from the fishing grounds were attacked by enemy aircraft; two bombs and seven aerial torpedoes were dropped on CORENNIE.  Sk. George Burnett reported that his crew replied with Lewis gun and rifles. [The Times, Friday 5th April 1940.]

30 May 1940: Lost in the North Sea with her crew of ten, cause unknown, presumed by enemy action.

29 Jul 1940: Register closed.


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