Official No:  49509    Port Number and Year:  - in Wexford, 1864? (WD ?)

                                                                               - in Milford, 1875

Description: Wooden sailing smack;  trawling.  Cutter rigged.

Crew: 2 men, 1 boy.

Registered: 12 Aug 1875

Built: Wexford, 1864?  [ First entry in MNL 1870; not in 1868 edition. ]

Tonnage:  25 grt 

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 46 / - / -




As WD ?

By 1869: Matthew Dingan, Wexford.


By 1874: George Ratford Woods, Milford.

12 Aug 1875: As M10

1878: George Ratford Woods, Tenby.


Landed at Milford: [Landed at Tenby.]

Skippers: 1875: G.R. Wood; 1887: John Griffiths ( - ), b. Tenby in 1843; of Culver Park, Tenby


Cert. Cancelled & Registry Closed: 4 Dec 1894. Sold to be broken up.

 Accidents and Incidents


From the The Cambrian, Swansea, of Friday 13th September 1878:




        It is feared that during the early hours of Thursday morning last a vessel, in all probability a French one, foundered in the Bristol Channel, about eight miles E.N E of the Worm's Head. The master of the fishing smack Sarah Jane, of Tenby, Ratford Woods, owner, reports as follows: About half-past three, whilst fishing in the channel, the Worm's Head bearing E.N.E., distant about eight miles, distinctly heard screams as of distressed persons. Hove the vessel to, and burnt a flare-up; remained hove-to till night, when they looked about and found themselves in the midst of a quantity of wreckage, bedding, cabin furniture, &c. Amongst the articles picked up was the photograph of a French soldier in uniform, and a medical book in French. The night was very dark.


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