Courtesy of Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust and The Bosun's Watch

Official No:  148227   Port and Year:  Fleetwood, 1926

Description: Canadian Castle Class steel side trawler, steam, coal fired, single screw. Ketch rigged.


Built: Canadian Vickers Ltd, Montreal, Canada; in 1918. (Yard no. 60)

Tonnage: 271  grt  124 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 125.7 / 23.5 / 12.7

Engine: T.3-Cyl., 62 rhp.; by builders.




22 Sep 1926: Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd., Grimsby.

Manager: Basil A. Parkes, 'Wellvale', Warbreck Hill Rd., Blackpool.


20 May 1927: Arthur S. Bowlby, Gilston Park, Harlow, Essex.

Manager: Edward D. W. Lawford, c/o Iago Steam Trawler Co. Ltd., The Docks, Milford.


8 Nov 1932: Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd., Dock St., Fleetwood

Manager: Basil A. Parkes, 'Wellvale', Warbreck Hill Rd., Blackpool.


Landed at Milford: 1 Feb 1928 - 4 Mar 1930



May 1918: Completed as minesweeper TR 28 for the RCN.

31 Jan 1919: Paid off and laid up pending sale to mercantile.

5-6 Jul 1933: Chartered for by Italian Government to provide support for a trans Atlantic flight involving 20 to 30 aeroplanes.

26 Sep 1939: Missing, presumed lost by enemy action off the Hebrides (U-35 being in the vicinity).  Skipper and twelve crew lost. 

30 Sep 1939: Reported to be four days overdue, having been at sea for 17 days. [The Times, Saturday, 30th September 1939.]


[Information supplied by the Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust, and the Bosun's Watch website.]



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