Official No:    82978     Port Number and Year:   -  at Milford, 1884

                                                                                   -  at Granton, 1887 (GN13)

                                                                                   -  at Peterhead, c.1908 (PD159)

                                                                                   -  at Yarmouth, 1912 (YH125)

                                                                                   -  at North Shields, 1918 (SN375)

Description: Iron beam trawler; steam screw; coal burner. Dandy rigged: foresail, mainsail, mizzen, gaff, topsail. 

Crew: 6 men, 1 boy (1884).

Registered at Milford: 28 May 1884.

Built: 1884; S. Lake and Co., Castle Pill, Milford. 

Tonnage: 105 gross 42 net 

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  88.6 / 20 / 10.6

Engine: C 2-cyl. 25 hp.



As M2

6 Jun 1884: Francis Mowatt, 3 Warwick Sq., London.

Samuel Seko, Marine Villa, Murray Cres., Milford.

Manager: S. Seko.


As GN13

15 Apr 1887: Muirheads Trawlers (James Muirhead), 79 Queens St., Edinburgh.

1904: Mortgaged to North of Scotland Bank.


As PD159

By 1908: C. R. Sellar, Aberdeen


As YH125

15 Feb 1912:  Lighthouse Fishing Co., South Denes Rd., Gt.Yarmouth.

Manager: Colin R. Sellar, Boddam, Peterhead.

1916: As YH125


As SN375

10 Oct 1918: Rayner & Boyle, North Shields.



Landed at Milford: (No records extant prior to 1888.) 3 Apr - 19 Jul 1889

Skippers: James Scoble, cert. 691; age 32, born Brixham; 2 Old Barrack Field, Hakin. Signed on 11 Jun 1884


6 Jun 1890: Ran ashore in dense fog NE end of Inchkeith refloated on rising tide.

10 Jun 1890: Skipper William Lewis fined 5 or 30 days imprisonment for fishing illegally inside 3 mile limit at St Andrew Bay.

11 Aug 1892: Struck Craig rock near North Berwick: engines put full astern and she came off but was leaking, Returned to Granton and was beached for inspection. Forefoot had been carried away and several plates were damaged.

30 May 1893: Towed into Granton from 30 miles east of May Island, Firth of Forth, with disabled machinery, by S.T. PIONEER of Aberdeen.

29 Mar 1893: Ran aground on Inchkeith during thick fog while returning from the fishing grounds. Refloated at high tide.

17 Jul 1896: Cook fell down hold while going to the fo'c'sle cabin. He was placed aboard S.T. MALTA GN 22 and taken to Granton from where he was transferred to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

29 May 1917: Requisitioned as a Fishery Reserve Vessel.

19 Jun 1920:  Lost in unknown circumstances.

[Information kindly supplied by Andy Hall.]

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed.

15 Apr 1887: Transferred to Granton.


 Accidents and Incidents:

From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 5th December 1883:

LAUNCH. - On Saturday evening the steam trawler 'Albatross' was very successfully launched at the Castle Steel and Iron Works, by the aid of electric light.  The time was about 7.30 in the evening, and there being no moon, it was more than usually dark; but the electric light now at use at the works dispelled the gloom overhead and threw a gleam of brightness for a considerable radius around it, showing, of course, with exact minuteness, every portion of the vessel and movement of the workmen.  The christening of the craft was performed by Miss B. Lake, who did it in an unsurpassed way.  Mr W E Redway, N.A., watched over the ceremony; the workmen and all necessary movements requisite for launching being under the vigilant and experienced eye of Mr Allen Ridley, master shipwright, who had all things carried out to the letter.  Many ladies and gentlemen were among the numerous visitors, and all seemed pleased with the novelty of the scene.


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