Official No:    127410     Port Number and Year: 18th in Milford in 1907.

Description:  Steel side trawler; steam screw; coal burner. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail and mizzen. 

Crew: 9 men (1907).

Registered at Milford: 14 Dec 1907.

Built: Smith Docks Co., North Shields; 1907. (Yard no. 363) 

Tonnage: 240.12 gross 67.53 net > 90.48 net (amended 1 Jan 1914).

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  120.3 / 21.6 / 11.7

Engine: T.3-cyl. 68 hp. 10 kts.  W.V.V. Lidgerwood, Coatbridge, Glasgow. Boiler Wallsend Ship Building Co.



14 Dec 1907: Pater Steam Trawling Co., Main St., Pembroke.

Manager (from 22 May 1908): David Gwilliam Jones, 35 Dewsland St., Milford


Landed at Milford: 22 Dec 1907 - 1 Aug 1914 


Thomas Edward Cooper, Cert. 6628, age 31, born Hull; residing 3 Gwilli Rd., Hakin, signed on 9 Jan 1908.

A. G. Owston, 7364, 32, Scarborough; 33 Marble Hall Rd., Milford. 9 Apr, 18 Jul, 6 Nov 1908.

James McDonald, 7989, 24 Hull; - 7 Oct 1908

A.G. Owston, 7364, Scarborough; - 6 Nov 1908

Alfred J. Kersey, 7748, 27, Stockton; Glenview House, Priory Hill, Milford. 5 Jan 1910

Thomas J. Hawkings 2014, 44, Brixham; 66 Priory Rd., Milford. 12 Jul, 22 Jul 1910; 7 Starbuck Rd., Milford. 9 Jan, 3 Jul 1911; Priory Rd., Milford, 1 Jul 1912, 8 Jan,1913.

James Clarke 3609, 47, Hull; - 20 Mar 1913

Albert Walter King, 7776 -.


Aug 1914: Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper ( 139).

9 Apr 1915:  Renamed ALBION II. 

13 Jan 1916: Lost on or around this date while on minesweeping duties, and lies about 1.5 miles south of the Needles Lighthouse. Although this could still be regarded as 'off St Catherine's Point', as reported by the Admiralty at the time of loss, the ALBION is far closer to the more prominent landmark which is the Needles. Position is 50 38' north, 001 34' west. No loss of life. Mine laid by UC-5 (Oberleutnant zur See Herbert Pustkuchen).  [Information kindly supplied by David Wendes.]

See log book and newspaper articles below.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed:

"Registry cancelled December 31, 1918.  Vessel lost on or about January 13, 1916 while are on Admiralty Service.  Advice from Manager received 31/12/18.  Certificate not delivered up and stated to have been aboard when vessel was lost.  A.J. Mullens. Regr."


 Accidents and Incidents:

Log book entry:

On Saturday 31.10.08, whilst proceeding down the Haven, thick fog, we touched the ground off the west corner of Gellyswick Bay.

J. McDonald (Skipper)

J. Stanfield (Mate)



From the Pembroke County Guardian of Friday 21st January 1910:

Milford Haven



Heavy Catches.- Two remarkable heavy catches arrived on Thursday, the steam trawler "Albion" bringing a catch which realised 632, and the "Arfon," and which fetched 415. Both trawlers belong to the Pater Company, of which Mr. D. D. Jones is manager. The catches were the largest which have arrived in Milford for some time.



From the Pembroke County Guardian of Friday 24th June 1910:

Milford Haven



A Good Trip.- Although only out since the previous Wednesday night the steam trawler Albion (skipper T. Hawkins) owned by the Pater Steam Trawler Company, landed a large catch on Wednesday morning. The vessel had over 300 kits of hake.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 1st January 1913:



    The gales which have prevailed all round the coast were severely felt at Milford Haven, for the greater part of last week.  ...   All the trawlers arriving at the fish market from Thursday onwards numbering about 25 all report terrible weather at sea, from every direction.  The Lynmouth off the Smalls had an awful experience and was almost submerged as was also the Fishergate, and the Solva too reported a similar story of the battle with the mountainous seas.  Almost every vessel was damaged in some way or another, some of course worse than others.  Bridge windows were smashed and gear carried away, and more than one ship had her lifeboat washed away.  Several vessels have had to seek shelter at various places on the Irish coast and those at sea were unable to fish and some of them returned with very small catches for about 15 days.  A few of the boats, which have been on the Portuguese and Morocco grounds, have made good voyages of hake and soles, the Albion grossing 400 on Thursday.  The home waters however are not productive and fish is scarce and unless the weather abates there will be a continued shortage of supply for some time yet.



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