Official No:  121605    Port Number and Year: 10th in Milford, 1905

Description: Side trawler, steel; steam screw, coal burning.  Ketch rigged - mainsail and mizzen.

Crew:  9 men (1905).

Registered at Milford : 7 Dec 1905. 

Built: 1905 by J. Duthie, Torry Shipbuilding Co., Aberdeen.  (Yard no. 279)

Tonnage: 200.21 grt  47.85 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 115.5 / 21.6 / 11.6

Engine: T 3-cyl. 75 hp.  J.Abernethy & Co., Aberdeen



7 Dec 1905: Charles Thomas Blethyn,  17 Hamilton Tce., Milford.

William Jordan Gill, Hakin.

Ernest Kinnard, Milford.

William Kinnard, Milford.

Managing owner: C. T. Blethyn.


9 Jun 1911: Bourdin & Denis, Quai de la Caserne, Dieppe.


1926: Soc. Anon. des Pecheries Cameleyre Freres, Arcachon.


Landed at Milford:  12 Dec 1905 - 9 Jun 1911


Henry James Dove, Cert. 2301; age 50, born Clacton, residing North Rd., Milford. Signed on 23 Nov 1905, 3 Jan 1906.

Wm. Henry Fransham, 4943, 34, Halvergate; 2 Point St., Hakin; 10 May, 4 Jul 1906; 8 Jan, 4 Jul 1907; 5 Jan 1908; 17 Nov 1909; 11 Jan 1910; (then 4 Gwili Rd., Hakin) 6 Jul 1910, 5 Jan 1911.

George A. Cooper, 7765, 26, Lowestoft; 7 Marble Hall, Milford, 10 Mar 1908; (then 66 Priory Rd, Milford), 3 Jul 1908; 7 Jan, 10 Jul 1908;


23 Nov - 2 Dec 1910: No 3rd Hand and Cook on board. 

14 May - 9 Jun 1911: Laid up in Milford Docks.

7 Mar 1927: Wrecked near Arcarchon, SW France.


Cert. Cancelled & Milford  Registry Closed: 9 Jun 1911.

"Certificate of registry cancelled and Registry closed this 9th June 1911.  Vessel sold to Foreigners (French subjects).  Advice received from Owners - J. W. Crocker. Reg."

 Accidents and Incidents

Log book entries:


F. Leaky, Second Engineer, left without giving due notice.  Fines five shillings.

    William Henry Fransham (Skipper)

    G. Cooper (Mate)

Fine of five shillings paid to Board of Trade, 19.09.06

    J.W. Crocker (Superintendent, Custom House, Milford Haven)



10.50 a.m. Took the steam trawler "Victoria" in tow, the fishing gear having got foul of her propeller when 256 miles W 1 S of St. Ann's Head.  Arriving at Milford Haven about 4.45 p.m. 27th February, 1907.

    William Henry Fransham (Skipper)

    G. Cooper (Mate)



35 miles W from Bull Rock.

Shipped sea over starboard bow, carried away boat and damaging our movable gear in the wheelhouse.  Rough boisterous weather.

   William Henry Fransham (Skipper)



From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 13th December 1905:


    The new steam trawler "Alpha", which has been on order for some time, arrived with her maiden trip for Tuesday market.  She is of the most recent and up to date design, and will be a fine addition. She was built by Messrs. Blethyn, Gill and Kinnard.  The skipper is Mr. Henry Dove.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 3rd October 1906:


    John Setterfield, master of the steam trawler "Goldfinder", and William Frensham, master of the steam trawler "Alpha", were summoned for entering Milford Docks abreast in contravention of the Bye-laws.  Defendants denied the offence.

    Captain James said the previous Monday night about half past eight o'clock, the boats of which the defendants were in charge of, entered the docks nearly abreast.  Some dozen steam trawlers were outside, and defendants' boasts were coming in at a good speed.  Fearing that one of the boats might have turned over into the gates, he left them alone.  He afterwards noticed that the "Alpha" was about ten feet ahead of the other vessel, but for all practical purposes they were abreast. There was no accident, but this was due more to good luck than good management.  Skippers did not seem to realise that the Dock Gates were afloat like a ship.

    The Clerk asked Captain James why he said "practically abreast".  Captain James replied that if one vessel was overtaking the other lapping by ten feet, they were abreast.

    Mr. J. Ll. Davies:―  They both might think they had a perfect right to go through first?

    Captain James:― Perhaps outside, the other might have been two lengths ahead.

    Skipper Setterfield said that Captain James' evidence was not true.  The "Fishergate" was the boat that did all the disturbance, and the skipper of her was not summonsed.  It was mentioned that summons had not yet been served.

    The Clerk asked if there was any object in getting in first.

    Captain James:― No object at all.  He asked the Bench to impose a penalty in this case.

    Skipper Frensham:― We were several lengths ahead of any vessel in the Channel.

    The Clerk:― The offence is not in the Channel.

    Skipper Frensham:― The rule is, first in the Channel, first into the docks.

    Defendants admitted that the vessels were abreast in the Docks' entrance, and a fine of 2 each and costs was imposed.




From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 11th December 1907:


Terrible weather has been experienced at sea these last few days, but up to the present there is fortunately no loss of life reported.  ................

On Tuesday morning the steam trawler "Alpha" arrived and bore manifest signs of combat with the heavy seas, having had the full force of the gale to the westward.  Her boat was smashed and carried away, the ventilators broken, and the front part of the wheelhouse, although of strong iron casing, was bent right in, the windows were smashed in and the veranda damaged.  The Mate, George Cooper, received an injury to his shoulder.  Considering how easily such strong material was removed by the storm, it is marvellous that the crew escaped mishap and loss of life.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 26th February 1908:


On Tuesday morning (early), as the steam trawler 'Alpha' was making the harbour, she espied a steamer in distress in a dangerous position off Blockhouse Point.  The trawler went to her aid.  It was the coaster 'Panmure' of Penzance, which had been rendered helpless owing to the blades of the propeller having been broken.  The vessel was towed into Milford docks about 9 o'clock.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 31st May 1911:



    There has for some time been a suspension in the addition of new trawlers to the port.  Indeed for some months past matters have been moving in the opposite direction and several vessels have been sold, chiefly to foreign owners, the latest to change being the "Alpha", owned by Messrs. Blethyn, Gill and Kinnard, which is to follow the "Reliance" to Dieppe. ....




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