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Official No: 98377  Port Number and Year:  3rd in Milford, 1892 (M89) 

                                                                              -   in Ymuiden, 1911 (IJM107)

Description: Steel side / beam trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Smack rigged: mainsail and mizzen.

Crew:  9 men (1892).

Registered at Milford: 23 Feb 1892

Built: 1892, by J. P. Rennoldson  & Sons, South Shields.  (Yard no. 137)

Tonnage: 152.59 grt  38.22 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet):100.5 / 20.5 / 10.75

Engine: T 3-cyl. 50 hp.   Engine and boiler by builders




23 Feb 1892: Cornelius Cecil Morley, Milford, Portlaw, Co.Wexford.  )   Joint

William Geoffrey Davies Goff, Glenville, Co. Wexford.                         ) Owners.

Manager: Frederick J. Sellick, Victoria Rd., Milford.


9 Mar 1903: Southern Steam Trawlers Co., 127 Quay, Waterford, Ireland.

Manager: Cornelius C. Morley, Milford.



1905: N.V. Zeevisscherij Mij. "Zeeland"

Manager: C. Planteydt.



1908: N.V. Zeevisscherij Mij. "Batavier I-II"

Managers: S.C.L. Reyersberg, Tubbesing & Fennel.



1924: N.V. Stoomvisscherij. Mij. "Klaverbank"

Managers: J.v.d. Made & D. Horn



1931: Mej. M. Hof, Ymuiden.

Managers (1945): N. Parlevliet Jr. & M.Parlevliet, Katwijk.


Landed at Milford:  20 Feb 1892 - 28 Jul 1904


Alfred Barrett, cert 05043, age 40, born London, residing Priory Rd., Milford; signed on 10 Feb 1892.

John Reader, 0868, 40, Scarborough, - ; 14 Apr 1892; 4 Jul, 13 Dec 1893.

Henry Belton 3706, 32, Lincolshire, - ; 7 Jul 1892; 1 Jan 1893

James Smart 2005, 37, Hull. - ; 2 Jan, 5 Oct , 5 Nov 1894

A. Smith 0922, - , - , - ; 17 Jun 1894

Christopher Royal 05616, 41, Hull, 2 Jul 1894

Thomas Leyland 05547, - , Hull, - ; 30 Sep 1894

Fred Hardisty 1891, 30, Barton, - ; 7 Jan 1898; 6 Jan 1899

J. Gillard 2652, 33, Brixham, - ; 5 May, 5 Jul 1899; 8 Jan 1900

J. Curtis 5274, 24, - , - ; , 16 Feb,  3 Jul 1900; 1 Jan, 6 Jul 1901; 13 Jan, 6 Jul 1902

J. Riby 4079. 30 Scarborough, - ; 7 Jan, 11 Jul 1903

C. Means 1542, 44, Norfolk, - ; 15 Sep 1903

H. Hills 3190, 32, Ramsgate, - ; 8 Jan 1904

Christopher Masterson 5740, 30 Hull, - ; 16 Jan 1904

T. Rowlands 4144, 38, Plymouth, - ; 18 Apr 1904

Vessel sold to foreign owners:

James S. Gray 996, 50, Woodbridge, - ; 13 Nov 1904


Auricula is an alpine primrose.

Laid up at Milford from 1 Jun 1904 to 30 Jun 1904.

Laid up: 1933.  1937: Resumed fishing; hired to L.Parlevliet Nz, Katwijk.

1942: Conversion, with funnel shortened; fishing out of Delfzijl.

26 Mar 1947: Landed at IJmuiden fish market for the last time.

Jul 1949: Broken up.

[ Information on Dutch owners kindly supplied by Jan Harteveld. ]


Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed:

"Certificate of Registry cancelled, and Registry closed.  Vessel sold to Foreigners (Dutch subjects).  November 22nd 1904.  J. W. Crocker. Registrar."

 Accidents and Incidents

Log book entries:



15 miles WSW of the Smalls - 1) burst steam pipe, 2) carried away two blades off the propeller.  Struck what was supposed to be a stone.

    H. Reynolds (Skipper)



Vessel went aground November 25th 1893 in Swansea Harbour, through the delay of an engineer.  We floated off on the next tide, all okay, no damage.  When we reached Milford we put her on the Grid Iron.  Still no damage found.

    H. Reynolds (Skipper)



WSW of St. Ann's Head we collided with the steam ship "Ensign".  We damaged the starboard bow, stove in.

    T. Leyland (Skipper)

[See newspaper report below.]



At 10.30 a.m., 25 miles WNW from the Smalls, William Ryan, age 19, from Neyland, fell under the guard rail in the engine room, and the crank shaft smashed his arm close to his wrist.  We came back to port and the doctor amputated the hand.  William Ryan was the trimmer.

    J. Smart (Skipper)



Off Bantry Bay, George Nichols, age 52 (deckhand from Plymouth), fractured his leg caused by being jammed by the wire warp against the winch.

    C. Royal (Skipper)



25 miles SW of Smalls

Cylinder broke.  Too much strain on winch.

    J. Curtis (Skipper)



At sea, 11 miles W of Skerryrose.

A Coles, 23 years old, (Trimmer), born in Cardiff, residing in Milford.

B. Banner, 48 years old, (Chief Engineer), Milford Haven.

Both scalded, salt in furnace exploded.

    J. Curtis (Skipper)

    J. Hewett



Wind WSW, rough, came fast on top of several rocks, 23 miles SW from St. Ann's Head.

    J. Riby (Skipper)

    W. Abbot (2nd Hand)



5 p.m., and off Milford Docks entrance.

Quarter rail indented. Two bulwarks stanchions bent and two plates cracked, gunwhale indented and two chaffing bars cracked.  Cause - run into by the steam trawler "Upton Castle", plus broken cement in waterway.

    John George Riby (Skipper)



When about 4 miles E of Padstow, fell in with the dismasted fishing smack 'Genuine' of Ramsgate, and towed her safely to Milford Haven.  Distant about 60 miles.  Time occupied - 1 p.m. on the 21.04.04 to midnight 21.04.04.

    T. Rowlands (Skipper)




From The Scotsman of Thursday 6th September 1894, p. 6:




    The steamer Ensign, of Glasgow, from Cardiff for Irvine (coal), put into Milford Haven this morning (September 5), having been in collision, off St. Ann's Head, with the steam trawler Auricula.  The Ensign has fore peak full of water, while the Auricula has bow damaged.



From The Weekly Mail of Saturday 4th August 1900:




 At Neath County-court on Wednesday last (before Judge Bishop) the case of Forrest v. Sellick. heard at Haverfordwest County-court on the 10th day of April last, came on for argument on the findings of the jury. The action was brought to recover damages for personal injuries sustained by the plaintiff whilst engaged in his work at sea as chief engineer of the steam trawler Auricula. One of the questions left by the judge to the jury was "Did plaintiff willingly, of his own accord, incur the risk and danger in attending the engine, knowing the guard rail was not there?" to which the jury replied "Yes." —Mr. Arthur Lewis claimed a verdict for defendant upon this finding, and the matter was deferred for argument, and came on last Wednesday. Mr. John Plews (instructed by Mr. Harold J. Evans, Milford Haven) was for the plaintiff, and Mr. Arthur Lewis (instructed by Mr. W. J. Jones. Haverfordwest) for defendant.—The Judge said there was ample evidence in defendant's favour to justify the answer to the question by the jury, and gave a verdict for the defendant, with costs.



From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 18th January 1901:




A REFRACTORY SEAMAN.—A special sitting of Magistrates were held at the Court House yesterday, when before Col. Roberts and Mr Whicher a seaman named Geo. Webster, employed on the "Auricula," a trawler managed by Mr F. J. Sellick but owned by an Irish Company, was sent to prison for 14 days for wilful disobedience and continual breach of duty. 



From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 7th February 1902:




      The fishing trade at Milford is very quiet at present, and the little fish that has been landed of late has fetched abnormal prices. The catch of one vessel, the Auricula, which arrived the other day after a trip in the Bay of Biscay, fetched over £270.



From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 21st March 1902:



        News has just reached Milford of a serious accident that has occurred on the Milford trawler "Auricula", owned by Messrs Morley, Sellick and Price. When off Skerryvor, off the West Coast of Scotland, heavy seas rushed into the fire box and an explosion followed. Mr B. E. Banner, the chief engineer, was slightly scalded, but A. Cole, a trimmer, was badly injured, and has been sent into hospital at Oban, suffering from very serious injuries. Banner, who is a native of Milford, has arrived home. Cole is a native of Cardiff.





Kindly supplied by Jan Harteveld


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