Kindly supplied by Howell Harris, great-grandson of William Rouse.


Official No:  128758   Port Number and Year: 14th in Milford 1911

                                                                                 1st in Milford, 1916. (Owing to material alterations.)

Description: Wooden sailing smack, beam trawling.  Ketch rigged: 2 masts: foresail, mainsail and mizzen.

Crew:  5 men.

Registered: 9 Nov 1911.

Built: by Kitto & Sons, Porthleven, in 1911

Tonnage: 57.19 grt  32.89 net.  (6 Apr 1916: > 43.49 net)

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 69.0 / 19.0 / 9.2

Engine: Inverted direct action oil motor, 2 Cyl. 36 bhp, 8 kts. Made by B. A. Hjorth & Co., Stockholm.

6 Apr 1916: Motor removed.



9 Nov 1911: William Rouse, 'Melville House', Hazelbeach, Llanstadwell.

Ernest Isadore Cecil Rouse, 'Melville House', Hazelbeach, Llanstadwell.

Frank Andrew Rouse, 'Melville House', Hazelbeach, Llanstadwell.

Hubert Stanley Rouse, 'Melville House', Hazelbeach, Llanstadwell.


5 Jan 1914: Richard Llewellyn Hancock, 83 St Ann's Rd., Hakin (later, 5 Picton Rd., Hakin (64/64).


Landed at Milford: 3 Jan - 15 Dec 1914; 11 Mar - 21 Dec 1915; 4 Mar - 13 Dec 1916.

Skippers: Charles Vincent Brusey, cert. 6904, born Brixham, residing 38 Furzeham Terr., Brixham; signed on 9 Nov 1911, 10 Jan 1912

A. Day -, 23, Glasgow, - ; 11 Mar 1912

S. W. Richards 1953, 57, Tenby, 24 Trafalgar Rd., Milford; 6 Jun 1912

T. Bray 8232. 25, Brixham, - ; 6 Sep 1912

S. Feoy 2926, 55, Brixham, - ; 9 Sep 1912

Samuel Mummery -. - , 16 Station Rd., Brixham; 15 Jan 1913.

Notes: Feb 1916: In severe gales, lost mainmast, gaff, mizzen, and small boat.

Cert. Cancelled & Registry Closed:   21 Mar 1917: Sunk 25 miles WSW of Portland Bill by UC-66, Oberleutnant zur See Herbert Pustkuchen.  No casualties.

3 May 1917:  Registration closed.  Fishing certificate lost with the vessel.


 Accidents and Incidents

Log book entries:



Ten miles south west from St. Ann's.

Skipper Bray scalded - safety valve of donkey engine gave out.

    C. Bray (Second hand)

    E. Romans



Came in from sea Wednesday night, anchored off Milford at 2 a.m., three parts flood, got under way at 10 a.m. on Thursday, slack water.  We had to make short trips for Neyland as the wind was south east.  On tacking from the north shore above I observed a steamer coming up the channel about half a mile distant and he would persist in going across my bow.  We collided with him carrying away my bowsprite.

    S.Feoy (Skipper)


From Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 23rd February 1916:

In The Track of The Storm.


    A severe gale was felt during the week, a strong westerly wind being accompanied by intense cold and showers of hail. Much damage to shipping especially the smacks was reported on their return to dock, the smack "Avance" fared badly, having both her main gaff and mizzen gaff broken and carried away, and her lifeboat battered into an un-workable condition. The "Our Merit" lost her main mast, and the "Margaret Holland" her top-mast. Other minor damage was recorded, but no loss of life from returning vessels. One serious disaster however was recorded, the Lowestoft smack "Narcissus" as previously reported in the daily papers, being driven into Porthcawl where some thrilling scenes were witnessed, the smack getting within twenty yards of the breakwater, but subsequently drifting away and the crew taking to their boat which was swamped and three of the occupants drowned.



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