Official No:  137768     Port Number and Year: 1st in Milford, 1923

                                                                                7th in Milford, 1928

Description: Wooden sailing smack, beam trawling.  Carvel built. Foresail, mainsail and mizzen.

Crew:  4

Registered: 13 May 1923; re-registered following change in means of propulsion: 5 Jul 1928

Built: by Peter Hancock, Pembroke Dock in 1923

Tonnage: 60.77 grt 37.84 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 63 (keel) 71.8 (oa) / 19.7 / 9.25

Engine: Internal combustion diesel engine; British, 1923, by Widdop Engineering, Keighley. 2 stroke, 12 inch four stroke cycle cycle; 26 nhp, 70  ihp; 6 kts. (Installed 5 Jul 1928)



22 Aug 1923: Peter Llewellyn Hancock, 5 Picton Rd., Hakin.

Richard Llewellyn Hancock, 5 Picton Rd., Hakin.

Frederick Lovell Hancock, 5 Picton Rd., Hakin.

Manager: P.L. Hancock (Died 16 Feb 1931)


5 Jul 1928: Reginald Llewellyn Hancock, 'Beachways', Fort (later Picton) Rd., Hakin. 

Managing owner.


Landed at Milford:  31 Jul 1923 - 17 Aug 1929

Skippers: Frederick George Wonnacott.

Notes: 1933: Converted to a pleasure yacht and renamed ROMANCE.  [See below.]

Cert. Cancelled & Registry Closed: 17 Mar 1933

 Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 8th June 1923:


Ketch Rigged Sailing Trawler


    Messrs. Peter Hancock and Sons, shipbuilders and engineers, of Milford Haven and Pembroke Dock, are to be heartily congratulated on the success which attended the launching of a new sailing vessel built and launched at their yard at Front Street, Pembroke Dock, on Wednesday evening last.  The weather was very favourable for the occasion, and the new vessel, gaily decorated with bunting, presented an inspiring sight as she stood on the launch ways preparatory to taking the water.  A large concourse of people assembled in the yard and on the adjoining banks of the river to witness the launch.

    The christening ceremony was performed by Miss Edith Francis, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Francis, of Pembroke Dock, whose old associations with shipbuilding in days gone by are so well known.  After Miss Francis had wished success and prosperity to the "Avance", the shores were knocked out, and immediately the vessel glided speedily and safely over the launch ways into the water amid scenes of great enthusiasm.

    The new vessel looked a picture as she sat gracefully on the water, and Mr. Peter Ll. Hancock, the designer and constructor, is to be heartily congratulated on turning out such a fine looking craft.  The "Avance" is intended to be fitted out as a ketch rigged sailing trawler.  Her dimensions are approximately 65ft. keel, 19ft. 6in. beam, 10ft. draught; 60 tons gross.


    Messrs. Peter Hancock and Sons are the only firm actively engaged in shipbuilding in the whole of Wales at the present time.  With a revival of trade we could hope to see increased activity in this department of their business.



From The Irish Times of 21st July 1924, p.12:


    At Wexford last Thursday, Mr. F.W. Wannicott, skipper of the Avance, a Milford smack, was fined 5, and ordered to pay 19 14s. costs and expenses for illegally trawling over the oyster bed in Wexford Harbour.  The defendant did not appear, but a letter was read from his solicitor stating that the question of Irish fishing limits was the subject of communications between the British and Free State Governments. Pending the result of the negotiations, the solicitors suggested that the case should be adjourned.




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 27th October 1933:





    Capt. Max Stanton and his men had their first set-back within 24 hours of the start of their quest.

    The stout little craft, still bearing her old nom-de-guerre Avance, although she has been re-christened Romance, put into Padstow Harbour early on Wednesday afternoon for minor repairs to one of her fuel tanks.  The necessary repairs might have been effected at sea, but the skipper of the Romance decided that sooner than undertake the task in rough water he would make for port.

    The faulty storage tank was under the cargo in the hold, and the task of shifting something like a year's provisions was more easily accomplished with the boat safely moored than at sea.

    The leak was quickly repaired, and the work of re-stowing the cargo was accomplished by evening.

    Captain Stanton said on Wednesday night that the ship was ready to leave Padstow early this morning.

    "We shall make for Madeira from here," he said, "proceeding thence to Barbadoes, Trinidad and Panama.  The sea has been a little rough since we left Milford Haven yesterday, but so far the trip has been uneventful.  My chaps are thrilled to the marrow."





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