Official No:  99994    Port Number and Year: 10th in Milford, in 1892

Description: Iron side / beam trawler; single screw; coal burner. Wheelhouse aft. Ketch rigged: two masts, mainsail, mizzen.

Crew: 9 men (1892).

Registered at Milford: 18 Nov 1892

Built: Sir Raylton Dixon & Co., Middlesborough, in 1892.  (Yard no. 376)

Tonnage: 139.67 grt  48.76 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 100.5 / 20.4 / 10.7

Engine: C 2-Cyl.   Engine: North Eastern Marine Engineering Co., Sunderland.



18 Nov 1892: Frederick Joseph Sellick, 'Marine Villa', Murray Cres., Milford

William S. Moxley, 113 Ashley Rd., Bristol

Manager: Frederick John Sellick


16 Nov 1903: Frederick Robert Greenish, 'The Grove', Haverfordwest. (Doctor of Music)

Edward Gerrish, 40 Corn St., Bristol. (Solicitor)

Manager: Sydney Price, Milford.



8 Mar 1911: Gadus Fabriker (Hilding Larsson), Gothenburg, Sweden. 


1915: A.F. Magnusson, Gothenburg.


1917: Westerberg & Berglund, Gothenburg


[Information kindly supplied by Göran Olsson, Gothenburg, Sweden.]


Landed at Milford:  9 Jan 1893 - 23 Feb 1911


George Hallet cert 01708, age 50, born Sheffield; signed on 23 Novt 1892; 9 Jan 1893

John Henry Dove 2287, 25, Hull; 4 Jul, 10 Jul, 9 Dec 1893

Robert M. Limbrick 758, 35 London London; 7 Jan, 1 Sep 1895;12 Jun 1899

George Barnett 4244, 28, Hull; 2 Jan 1898

T. Glenton 4367, 29 Hull; 10 Mar 1899

C. Garnish 3728, 32, London; 6 Jul, 18 Aug 1899; 9 Jan 1900

J. H. Elliot 1897, 34, Brixham; 20 Dec 1899

G. C. Nicholls 9338, 39, Stamford; 27 Jan 1900

B. Blackmore 0697, 42 Brixham; 4 Jul 1900

J. T. L. Clark 612, 44, Grimsby; 22 Aug 1900; 1 Jan 1901; 29 Aug 1902; 6 Jan, 27 Nov 1903

Arthur Windlass 5381, 23, Brixham; 15 May 1902

W. W. Maunder 1460, 40, Hull; 3 Jul 1902

J. Riby 4079, 29, Scarborough; 10 Jul 1902

W. Blacker 1890, 38, Brixham; 9 Jul 1903

I. Bloomfield 6706, 36, Ipswich; 18 Aug 1903

H. Hewer 6526, 27, Gorleston; 4 Dec 1903; 4 Jan, 6 Jul 1904

Edgar Garnham 1571, 38, Sittingbourne; 1 Aug 1904

J. Coaker 4190, 32, Brixham; 16 Dec 1904; 2 Jan, 16 Jun, 3 Jul 1905; 1 Jan 1906

John Yolland 5953, 27, Brixham; 19 Mar 1906

J. Goffin 7236, 24, Wigan; 26 Mar 1906

James W. Hewitt 4091, 39, Yarmouth; 6 Jun, 4 Jul 1906; 7 Jan, 13 Aug 1907; 6 Jan, 3 Jul 1908; 1 Jan, 3 Aug 1909; 5 Jan 1910

R. H. Yolland 7981, 22, Brixham; 8 Jul 1907

C. Masterson 5740, 34, Salisbury; 27 Apr 1910

M. Mingay 4968, 38, Caistor; 7 Jul 1910

Thomas Roach 7077, 30, Milford; 20 Jul 1910

J. Cutler 5311, 40, Yarmouth; 14 Oct 1910; 4 Jan 1911

G. Mills 6165, 33, Oxford; 15, 24 Feb 1911


Circe was in Homer's poem the enchantress who turned Odysseus and his companions into swine by a magic drink.

1926: Sold for breaking up by Kallentin Svensson, Viken, Sweden.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 8 Mar 1911.  Vessel sold to Swedish owners.

 Accidents and Incidents

Log book entries:



At 7 p.m. on Sunday, while fishing about 45 miles WSW from St Ann's Head, John Collins (Deck hand) did refuse duty without giving any reasonable cause.

    R.M. Limbrick (Skipper)

    J.W. Rumble (Mate)



35 miles off St Ann's Head.

Ship's engines stopped. T piece of high pressure piston broken in two.

    J.H. Elliott



75 miles SW by S from the Saints.

Cog wheel of winch broken, slacking on warps when they suddenly stopped.

    J.T.L. Clarke



At 8.15 a.m., the bosun T. Hossel refused to obey repeated orders to come on deck and attend to his work, this while at sea about 8 miles NE by N of the Smalls.

    James Bloomfield (Skipper)

    Thomas Salter (Mate)



276 miles NE 1 W of Cape Finisterre.

Engines broken down

    Edgar Garnham (Skipper)

    C. Masterson (Mate)



G. Williams, age 53, cook, born Kent, residing Milford.

Fell against pumps, injured his back.

    James Hewett (Skipper)



12 miles S of Mine Head

Broken mizzen mast, port side light washed away deck gratings - shipped a heavy sea.

    James Hewett (Skipper)

    J. Kirk (Second Hand 5491)




From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 2nd December 1896:


landing of a shipwrecked crew at Milford


On Sunday morning the steam trawler "Circe" (skipper, R. Limbrick) landed the crew of the schooner "Boreas" of Bristol, which had been abandoned in a sinking condition off the Smalls on the previous day.  It appears that on Saturday morning when about 40 miles W.N.W. from the Smalls, during a severe gale from the east, the skipper of the "Circe" observed signals of distress shown by a vessel 5 or 6 miles distant.  Shortly after she passed and the crew signalled that they wanted to be taken on board the trawler, as their vessel was in a sinking condition.  The trawler steamed as close as possible and put out their boat.  The mate and two other hands volunteered to go to the assistance of the distressed crew.  With great difficulty, owing to the heavy breaking seas, they succeeded in effecting a rescue, and all were brought safely on board the trawler.  Capt. Limbrick lay by the vessel for several hours, but seeing she was gradually sinking, and that there was no chance of saving her, he bore away for Milford.  The schooner was coal laden from Newport for Clonakilty and sprang a serious leak while labouring with heavy seas the previous day.




From  The Standard  of Tuesday 16th February 1897; pg. 4; Issue 22662:


The Board of Trade have awarded ......... a binocular glass to Mr. Robert Major Limbrick, skipper; and silver medals for gallantry, in saving life at sea, and 2l. each to Richard Hooper, second hand; Joseph Nixon, third hand; and William James Wood, boatswain of the steam trawler Circe of Milford, in recognition of their services to the shipwrecked crew of the the schooner Boreas, of Bristol, which foundered in the Bristol Channel on the 28th of November last.



From The Scotsman of Thursday 2nd March 1899, p.10:





MILFORD HAVEN.― The steam trawler Circe collided with the sailing trawler Polly at the mouth of the harbour this morning, during a dense fog.  The Circe took Polly in tow, and beached her at Gelliswick, near Milford.



Transcription of an original letter in the Les Jones Archive:


                                                                                                                                                  St. Peter's Terrace

                                                                                                                                                     Milford Haven

                                                                                                                                                         8th August 1899

The Supt.,

   M M Office

      Milford Haven



    With reference to collision between s/t "Circe" of Milford and "Polly" of Brixham on 1 Mch last I regret having omitted to enter same on "Circe's" Log Book, thinking, as I had reported the matter fully at Custom House it would not be needed in Log Book.  In the event of any future recurrence I will be careful and comply with the Regulations.

I am Sir

Your Obedt Servt.

George Barnett

Late Master


[The signature is written in a different hand from the rest of the letter.]



From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 3rd September 1904:



 The steam trawler "Circe" broken down on September 1st, about 210 miles S.W. of the Longships, and in response to signals of distress was taken in tow by the steam trawler "Centaur," and brought safely into harbour. 



From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 15th February 1911:


    At the Lord Nelson on Wednesday afternoon Messrs. Evans and Roach put up a number of trawlers and other vessels for sale by auction.  There was a large attendance of gentlemen connected with local shipping.

    Three iron screw steam trawlers, which in their day have helped in the rise of Milford as a fishing port, were offered under instructions from the executors of the late Mr. Frederick Joseph Sellick. The "Comus", built in 1891, 96.5 ft. length x 20.3 ft. breadth, received a commencing bid of £100, but went no further than £275, and was withdrawn.  The "Circe", built in 1892, 100.5 ft. length x 20.4 ft. breadth, was started at £300, rising to £500, and then withdrawn.  The "Blue Jacket", built 1896, 101.0 ft. x 20.5 ft., was also started at £300, and looked like changing hands, but the reserve was not reached and she was withdrawn at £620. 

    The steam trawler "Rosslyn Castle" was next on offer.  She is owned by Messrs. William Jenkins, R. D. James, Ford, Mathias and I. Jenkins, and was built in 1897, tonnage 184, length 112 ft., beam 21 ft.  Only one bid of £150 was forthcoming, and the vessel was withdrawn.


From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 22nd February 1911:


    The steam trawlers "Comus", Blue Jacket" and "Circe" (Sellick, Morley and Price, managers), which were recently offered by public auction, have since been sold privately to Swedish trawling people.  The first two left the Dock on Monday morning's tide, and took farewell to the port after a connection of twenty years for one, and fifteen years for the other.  Their destination is Gottenburg.  They have been laid up for some time.  The "Circe" will make for the same place after landing her catch this week.

    The steam trawler "Reliance", owned by Mr. J. G. Cayley, has also changed hands, and in future she will fly the French flag.  She left on Tuesday for the port of Dieppe.

    Messrs. Sellick, Morley and Price have two new vessels on order, so that the old are being replaced by better and more up-to-date vessels.





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