Official No:  112451    Port Number and Year: 10th in Milford, 1899

Description: Steel side / beam trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged: foresail and mizzen.

Crew:  9 men (1899, 1904).

Registered at Milford: 26 Oct 1899

Built: 1899 by W. Harkess & Son, Middlesborough (Yard no. 149)

Tonnage: 182.73 grt  62.29 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 110.0 / 21.0 / 10.85

Engine: T 3-cyl. 52 hp; by Furness, Westgarth & Co., Middlesborough




26 Oct 1899: William Page, "Marine House", Milford. (Managing owner. Died 17th December 1906).

                      John Pettit, St. Ann's Rd., Hakin, Milford. (Continued as owner and manager.)


12 Nov 1906: David Pettit, Docks, Milford (64/64)

Managing owner.


31 Mar 1909: David Pettit, 'Headland House', Priory Rd., Milford (32/64)  (Managing owner.)

Joseph White Johnstone, 'Point House', Neyland (32/64)

18 Apr 1909: As COLWYN M69.


4 May 1911: David Pettit, Priory Rd., Milford (64/64)

Managing owner.



15 Sep 1911: Gomei Kaisha, Shimonoseki.




Landed at Milford:  4 Nov 1899 - 2 May 1908 (as DOROTHY)

18 Apr 1909 - 11 Sep 1911 (as COLWYN)


T. M. Pickering cert. 4505, age 30, born Scarborough, residing 20 Warwick Rd., Milford. Signed on 27 Oct 1899; 1 Jan, 10 Jul 1900; 15 Jan 1901

William Barden 4507, 25, Brixham, 12 Warwick Rd., Milford; 3 Jan 1901

G. Barnett 4244, 33, Hull, - ; 16 Mar 1901

J. Coaker 4190, 29, Brixham, Warwick Rd., Milford; 1 Jun, 6 Jul 1901

J. Kilby 1427, 39, Hull, Great North Rd., Milford; 17 Oct 1901; 1 Jan 1902

George Hanlon 6159, 28, Hull, Robert St., Milford; 21 Feb, 2 Jul 1902; 17 Jan, 9 Jul 1903; 21 Jan 1904

C. W. Mears 1542, 45, Norfolk, Warwick Rd., Milford; 12 Feb, 1 Jul 1904

B. H. Blockwell 2523, 40, Yarmouth, - ; 15 Jul 1904

R. Woodgate 4187, 38, Beer, Priory Rd., Milford; 25 Oct 1904; 4 Jan 1905

J. Clarke 3629, 41, Hull, - ; 9 May 1905

John H. Pettit 7106, 22, Hull, Charles St., Milford; 23 Jul 1905; 14 Jan 1908 (47 Dewsland St., Milford)

John Beck 6604 30, Caistor, 13 Warwick Rd., Milford; 16 Jan 1906

Ernest F. Sanderson 5159, 32, Brighton, - ; 6 Jul 1906

R. M. Limbrick 7616, 47, London, - ; 12 Nov 1906

W. Griffiths 7810, 26, Milford, - ; 7 Mar 1908

John Blake 2145, 40, Brixham, 34 Dartmouth St., Milford; 7 Apr; 12 Jul 1909

William Kent 7835, 29, Lowestoft, 3 Gwili Rd., Hakin; 3 Jan 1911


Colwyn is the Welsh word for "puppy".

1906: Insured by David Pettit for 5,000.

4 May 1908 - 18 Apr 1909: Laid up.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 15 Sep 1911. Vessel sold to Japanese owners.

 Accidents and Incidents


DOROTHY Log book entries:



At 10 a.m. at sea the winch was broken.  Heavy seas was the reason.

    J. M. Pickering (Skipper)



Engine room skylights, wheelhouse windows, galley and cabins damaged and flooded, damage on deck.  Vessel shipping heavy seas.

    J. M. Pickering (Skipper)



E. W. Rhodes, deckhand, took off board fish to the value of 3.10.0 without permission.  Sold it and kept the proceeds.

    J. Kilby (Skipper)



Londonderry, Ireland.  9.30 a.m. 

Whilst leaving the quay for sea at the above mentioned place and time, our port quarter caught one of the wooden piles and broke it, also lifted the steps adjoining.  I saw no further damage.  I drew the attention of a man to it, who said he was foreman in charge of repairs on the quay.  I asked him to report it.  Strong ebb tide and north wind blowing at the time.

    J. Kilby (Skipper)



Milford Docks

Ran into "Victoria's" stern, damaging bulwark and stanchion.  Not sufficient room to swing vessel.

    George Hanlon (Skipper)



50 miles SSE of the Blaskets.  At sea.

Broken winch.  Strong wind, heavy sea.

    George Hanlon (Skipper)

    George Medway (Mate)



15 miles W of St Ann's Head.

Broke boat and rigging.  Shipped a heavy sea in a gale of wind.

    George Hanlon (Skipper)



At sea, 26 miles ESE from the Smalls Lighthouse

C. Fears, age 40, Mate; born Hull, residing Milford.

Fell across bollard with the lurch of vessel and injured lower part of stomach.

    George Hanlon (Skipper)



205 miles W by S 1 S from St Ann's Head.

Collided with the 'Princess May'.  My vessel's plates dented on the port side through neglect on the part of the watch on deck.

    Charles Mears (Skipper)



Milford Haven

Collision with the 'Jeanne' schooner of Fowey.  Vessel driving from anchor owing to strong gale.

    B. Woodgate (Skipper)

    I. Etherington (Witness)



At Bantry Bay, Ireland

Slight damage to the rail and bulwarks on the port side, caused by the steam trawler 'Cornwall' running into us.

    John H. Pettit (Skipper)

    I. Etherington (Witness)

[cf Corresponding entry in Cornwall's log book.]



On the morning of January 18th, blowing a gale WSW while lying in Milford Haven, I saw the smack 'Lynx' of Brixham, across the bows of a schooner.  I went alongside as near as possible and the skipper of the smack asked me would I pull him clear as the schooner was hammering him to pieces, which I did.  I towed the smack up to his anchor, which he got aboard and then the tow rope broke and he set his jib and foresail, and ran up the Haven into safety.

    J. Beck (Skipper)



Left Milford on the above date at 5.30 p.m.  Anchored at 6.15 p.m. same date, with large anchor and took 45 fathoms of cable in 6 fathoms of water, Angle Point bearing S by E.  At 8 p.m. the steam trawler 'Rosslyn Castle' of Milford collided with us.  Damage slight.

    R. M. Limbrick (Skipper)

    H.W. Limbrick (Mate)



At sea, 4 miles N by W of Trevose Light.

W. Steward, age 21; born Neyland, residing Neyland.

Arm burnt by waste in forecastle catching fire.  Cause of fire unknown.

    William Griffiths (Skipper)

    Godfrey Mills (Mate)

[ See the Weekly Mail article below. ]


From the Irish Times of Tuesday 31st July 1906:


Ss Dorothy (steam trawler), of Milford, towed in ss Corporal, of Glasgow, with machinery broken down.



From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 28th December 1906:



......  On Christmas night the steam trawler Dorothy whilst lying alongside the dock wall, ready for discharging her fish next morning, was observed by the watchman to be filling with water. The owner, Mr John Pettit, was at once sent for and it was discovered that the engineers had left open some valves. The vessel was at once taken over to the opposite side of the dock and the water pumped out. 


From the Weekly Mail of Saturday 28th March 1908:



    The steam trawler Dorothy, of Milford Haven, was brought to off Hawkin [ Hakin ] Point on Saturday to put ashore a fireman, who was badly burnt and scalded about the face and arms. The injured man was attended by Dr. M. S. Griffith, and sent to his home at Neyland.


[ The injured was W. Steward; see log report above. ]



COLWYN Log book entries:



On Thursday May 20th, at about 5 p.m., we left the fishing grounds to make for the Fastnet, thick weather at the time.  We ran our distance and I was on the bridge looking out for the Fastnet light.  I saw a light through the thick, flashing, which I took to be the Fastnet.  I then put the ship on our course for Milford Haven.  We had not been steaming long before we struck the shore, then when the fog lifted a little I found we had struck the north side of Sheep Island in Bantry Bay (Sheep Head), the fog then coming on as bad as before.  We arrived in Milford on Saturday morning, May 22nd, 1909.


1.20 a.m., 21.05.1909. Sheep Head, Bantry Bay - struck the ground.  Cause - fog.

    J. Blake (Skipper)


From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 7th January 1910:





        While proceeding out to sea on Monday a defect was found in the machinery of the steam trawler "Colwyn", owned by Messrs. David Pettit and Co., and she was immediately turned round and returned to dock where she is now undergoing repairs. 



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 20th September 1911:



    The steam trawler "Colwyn" (Mr. D. Pettit), has been sold to a Japanese firm, and will be replaced by a new vessel.  The "Colwyn" was formerly known as "Dorothy", and was built for the late Mr. W. Page.  She was afterwards owned by Mr John Pettit.   .....  One by one the older craft are disappearing, and more modern trawlers taking their place.





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