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Official No:  116170    Port Number and Year: 51st in Hull, 1903 (H741)

Description: Side trawler, steel; steam screw, coal burning.   Ketch rigged. 

Crew: 9 men (1903); 8 men (1929).  

Built: 1903 by Cook, Welton & Gemmel, Beverely. (Yard no.30)

Tonnage: 181 grt 63 net (1903);  71 net (1 Jan 1914.).

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 109.0 / 21.5 / 11.0

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 48 rhp.   Engine by Muir & Houston, Glasgow.



24 Jun 1903: Great Northern Steamship Fishing Co., Hull.

Manager: William R. Nowell, 2 Kensington Villas, Hessle Rd., Hull. (c.1903-12)

                  Fred Smith, 40 De la Pole Avenue, Hull. (1912-14)


14 Dec 1918: *Richard F. Scotter, 6 Murray St., Filey, Yorks.

                        Richard Cammish, Filey.

*Managing owner.


23 Jun 1920: Emperor Steam Trawling Co. Ltd., Barclay's Bank Chambers, Scarborough.

Manager: Richard F. Scotter, 'Esmeralda', Station Ave., Filey.


11 Sep 1925: Franke Thornely, 180 Rishton Lane, Bolton, Lancs.

Managing owner.


29 Oct 1928: Thomas T. Brown, 35 Madeira St., Leith.

Managing owner.


16 Nov 1929: *Mark M. Robson, 103 Charles St., Milford.

*Managing owner.

2 Jan 1930: *Mark M. Robson, Locke & Co. Ltd., Milford


1 Jan 1935: *Herman Westenborg    )

                     Mark Robson                )  Docks, Milford

                     Robert Taylor               )

*Managing owner.


Landed at Milford: 22 Nov 1929 - 18 Nov 1936

Skippers: Josiah Rowlands (1931)

Notes: Sep 1914: Requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to a minesweeper (Admy.no.552)

Feb 1917: Transferred to the Fishery Reserve.

1919: Returned to owners.

30 Mar 1937: Hull registry closed.  (Broken up at Ward's Yard, Castle Pill.)

[Thanks to Bill Blow, who spotted the GNSFC funnel livery; and also from The Bosun's Watch website.]

 Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 17th April 1931:


    Sad news was brought to the port of Milford Haven on Friday night, when the Milford steam trawler "Emperor" returned to the port with the body of the trawler's skipper. 

    The skipper, Mr. Josiah Rowlands, had only left the docks that morning, and before proceeding to sea to the fishing grounds, had anchored off Chapel Bay to check and prepare his fishing gear prior to the start of the trip.  The skipper was on the wheel, taking the trawler out through the Heads when he complained of feeling unwell.  The third hand, who was in the wheelhouse with him, went below for a stimulant, but before he could return the skipper had collapsed and fallen to the deck.  After uttering a couple of groans, he expired.

    The trawler was then put about and returned to port.  The cause of death was heart failure.  Skipper Rowlands was only 55 years of age.



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