Official No:  91653      Port Number and Year: 7th in Granton, 1885 (GN ?)

                                                                                3rd in Ardrossan, 1896 (AD ?)

                                                                                2nd in Swansea, 1902 (SA12)

                                                                                 5th in Milford, 1905 (M71)

Description: Wooden dandy.  Steam screw, coal burning. Long liner.

Crew: 7

Built: 1885, J. MacKenzie & Co., Leith. 

Tonnage: 47.9 grt  19.76 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 67.5 / 17.6 / 7.56

Engine: C.2-cyl, 9½ kts; by John Cran Co., Leith. 



As GN ?

18 Jun 1885: Jamnes L. Cuncliffe, Plewlands House, Merchiston, Edinburgh.

Managing owner.


As AD ?

1896: Michael Murray, 24 Quay St., Saltcoats, Ayrshire.

Managing owner.


As SA12

1902: John Randell, 34 Brunswick St., Swansea.

Managing owner.


As M71

15 Jul 1905:  George Phelps Eynon, 'Globe Hotel', Victoria Rd.,  Milford


9 Nov 1905: William George Taylor, 12 Chapel St., Hakin.



Landed at Milford (Seasonal):

20 Mar - 24 Dec 1902; 22 May - 22 Nov 1903; 6 Jan - 11 Nov 1904; 4 Jan - 30 Nov 1905; 17 Jan - 8 Feb 1906


1902: Cornish; Nicholls; Stone

1903: Cornish; Summers; Stone

1904: Summers

1905: Marks; Brown; Cornish; Nicholls; Pook; Sturley

1905-6: W.G. Taylor

Notes: 16 Feb 1906: Foundered on Dogger Bank off Wexford.  [See story below.]

3 Mar 1906: Certificate cancelled and registry closed.

 Accidents and Incidents

From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 15th January 1904:


    ACCIDENT AT THE DOCKS.— On Friday, Tom Hitchings, landlord of the Hearts of Oak, Hakin, and chief engineer of the Fulmar, met with an accident. The boat was being taken across from the Fish Market, after discharging, to the Hakin side, when Hitchings' foot got jammed in some part of the engine. His big toe and next two toes. were amputated next morning by Drs. Griffith and Low. 


From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of an unknown date in November 1905:


    Important Salvage by Milford Liner


    A salvage of considerable value was effected on Friday last by the steam long liner "Fulmar" of this port, of which Captain W. Taylor is master and owner.  The "Fulmar" only changed hands on Wednesday last, when Captain Taylor acquired it from Mr. G. P. Eynon. 

    On Friday morning [she] proceeded to sea, and when just outside the harbour, off St. Ann's Head, a large hopper (or barge) was seen in a dangerous position near the rocks.  The "Fulmar" steamed to the scene and found no one in command of the craft, which would have soon got on to the rocks.  It was at once taken in tow and brought safely into dock, where she now lies.

    It appears that the barge had been towed round by a tug which had taken the crew off for safety, and then proceeded to Pembroke Dock for coals.  During her absence, the "Fulmar" came on the scene and captured a prize salvage.

    Under the circumstances related, Captain Taylor is to be congratulated upon the luck which attended him on his maiden voyage in his newly acquired vessel.  The salvage of it does not cover the purchase money, perhaps, we may not know.  It may undoubtedly be more profitable than a good many catches of congers.


[ For salvaging the hopper barge JOHN SCOTT the FULMAR was awarded £231.13.0 net., individual crew members as follows:

William Lester            £16.4.4

William Thomas          £11.11.8

Richard Moore             £9.5.4

Phineas Evans             £9.5.4

George Symmons         £4.12.8

Robert Robinson          £2.6.4

The Owner and Master presumably received the remaining balance. ]




From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 21st February 1906:


    On Friday last news was received at Milford to the effect that the steam liner "Fulmar" had foundered on a sand bank off Wexford on the coast of Ireland.  The vessel belongs to Captain W. Taylor, also the master of her, who, it will be remembered, only acquired her about two months ago, securing a barge as a salvage prize on her maiden voyage.

    The crew were all saved as the "Fulmar" was fast disappearing from sight.  It is a singular coincidence that only three weeks ago Taylor's father, Captain George Taylor, lost the "Shamrock" (Sellick, Morley & Price) off Broad Haven.

    This makes a loss of three vessels to the port in the last three weeks.


From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 23rd February 1906:




 LOSS OF ANOTHER MILFORD TRAWLER.—On Friday last information reached Milford of another local-owned boat having become a total loss on Wexford Bar. On Thursday evening Captain William Taylor was steaming towards Wexford in his own steam liner "Fulmar", and was nearing a light, as marked on his chart, to be on a buoy. He had just given instructions to stop steaming when his vessel struck the sandy beach off Wexford. The light on the buoy had been removed, and the light taken to be the one on the chart, was actually on shore. Efforts were at once made to extricate the vessel from her perilous position, but the sand held her fast. The insurance representative from Queenstown was on the scene, and a tug got a rope aboard, but the sandy bottom had proved a snare, the ship having sunk into it, leaving the grip as firm as a rock.  Everything moveable was taken off and carried ashore. Captain Taylor and his crew left for home via Waterford, arriving in the early hours of Sunday morning, the crew having been sent home by the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society. The steam liner "Fulmar" was only purchased by Mr Taylor last November, and he had just spent about £200 refitting her up and putting her thoroughly up-to-date. The loss is considerable as the next few months is the most lucrative for steam liners. This is the third Milford vessel to find disaster in a fortnight, viz. "Shamrock", "Hindustan", and "Fulmar". It is also a coincidence that Capt. Taylor's father was in charge of the first-named vessel.



From B.T. and R. Larn (2002):   Shipwreck Index of Ireland 

FULMAR        16/02/1906

Co.Wexford, Dogger Bank, SE end    52.20N 06.20W.


Voyage: Milford Haven - For fishing


Stranded and lost on the SE end of the Bank in wind conditions SW force 7.




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