Official No:    107048    Port Number and Year: 14th in Milford,1896

                                                                                     -    in Strömstad, 1914 (SD475)

                                                                                     -    in Gothenburg, 1915 (GG622)

Description:  Steel side / beam trawler; steam screw; coal burner. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail and mizzen. 

Crew: 9 men (1896).

Registered at Milford: 17 Nov 1896

Built: Edwards Bros., North Shields 1896.  (Yard no. 527)

Tonnage: 145.24 gross 28.11 net (> 54.94 net; amended 1 Jan 1914.)

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  106.0 / 20.65 / 11.0

Engine: T-3Cyl 50 rhp., by North Eastern Marine Engine Co., Sunderland



17 Nov 1896: Cornelius Cecil Morley, Milford (Millfort) House, Portlaw, Co. Waterford.

William Goff Davis-Goff, Glenville, Co. Waterford.

Manager: F.J. Sellick, Milford. (Died 26th September 1903, age 61.)


9 Mar 1903: Southern Steam Trawling Co., 127 Quay, Waterford.

(Messrs. Sellick, Morley and Price, Milford Docks.)

Manager: Cornelius Cecil Morley, "Cnocaitiun"*, Milford.  

(*Probably "Cnoc Áine" , Co. Limerick: "Aine's Hill". )


16 Dec 1911: Walter Fulton & John Steward,  82 Gordon St., Glasgow.


20 Dec 1911: John Colquhoun, 132 Bridgegate, Glasgow.

Managing owner.


As SD475

11 Aug 1914: John Corneliusson, Hafstensund, Sweden.


As GG622

9 Jun 1915: John Corneliusson, Hafstensund.  (1/3)

                    August Carlsson, Gothenburg.  (1/6)

                    Carl Oscar Olsson, Gothenburg.  (1/6)

                    Josef Olsson, Gothenburg.  (1/6)

                    Anders Carlsson, Gothenburg.  (1/6)


17 Aug 1923: Gustaf Carlsson, Gothenburg.  (1/5)  

                       Orvar Ahlborg, Gothenburg.  (1/5)  

                       Gustaf Carlsson, Gothenburg.  (1/5)  

                       Ivan Andersson, Gothenburg.  (1/5)

                       Douglas Rydberg, Gothenburg.  (1/5)


13 Jan 1926: Jul. Alberchtsson & Co., Gothenburg.


6 Feb 1926: Anders Andreasson, Gothenburg. (1/6)

                     Edvin Nisson, Gothenburg. (1/6)

                     Yrjö Pettersson, Gothenburg. (1/6)

                     Robert Levin, Gothenburg. (1/6)

                     Karl Karlsson, Gothenburg. (1/6)

                     Gustaf Ljunggren, Gothenburg. (1/6)


1929: Jul. Alberchtsson & Co., Gothenburg.


[Information kindly supplied by Göran Olsson, Gothenburg, Sweden.]


Landed at Milford: 17 Nov 1896 - 13 Dec 1911

Skippers: Bartholomew Foster cert. no. 1608, age 40, born Greenock; signed on 3 Nov 1896; 1 Jan, 7 Jul 1897; 11 Jan, 8 Jul 1898; 2 Feb, 7 Jul 1899; 10 Jan, 12 Jul 1900; 9 Jul 1901; 6 Jan 1902; 12 Jan, 2 Jul 1903; 1 Jan, 7 Jul 1904; 4 Jan, 3 Jul 1905; 2 Jan, 2 Jul 1906; 9 Jan, 7 Jul 1908; 14 Jan, 6 Feb 1909; 10 Jan 1910

C. Barnes 5860, 26, Brixham; 28 Dec 1898; 13 Jan 1899

F. Riby 4079, 48, Scarborough; 20 Nov 1900; 3 Jan 1901

R. Robson 5068, 32, Scarborough; 10 Dec 1906

F. Smith 5288, 35, Tenby; 29 Jul 1910; 3 Jan 1911

W. H. Clarke 8186, 25, Yarmouth; 18 May 1911



Ixia is an African plant of the iris family, with sword-shaped leaves and ornamental flowers.

7 Sep 1929:  To Kallentin Svensson, Viken, for breaking up.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 12 Aug 1914. Vessel sold to foreigners (Swedish subjects).

 Accidents and Incidents:

Log book entries:



SE from the Saltees.

Both wheels and main driving shaft of steam winch carried away, rendering winch useless.  Carried away when heaving up the trawl.

    B. Foster. (Skipper).



2.30 p.m., 50 miles WSW of St. Ann's Head.

Thomas Ball, age 60, Cook; born Devonport, residing Milford.

Broke knee cap through a fall in the galley.

    B. Foster. (Skipper)



43 miles off St. Ann's Head. Tail end shaft broken, cause unknown.

    B. Foster. (Skipper).

    R. Robson. (Mate).

[ See local newspaper report below. ]


17.1 09.

7 p.m. Henry Rich, age 19, Bosun; English, born Hull, residing Milford.

Sprained ankle, cut hand.

    B. Foster. (Skipper).



5.45 a.m. Henry Mansell, age 28, British, born Gorleston, residing at Priory Hill, Milford.

Internal injuries, jammed between gallows and trawl board, bringing hawser forard for the anchor.

    B. Foster. (Skipper).



45miles WNW of St. Ann's Head.

Small boat lost overboard - vessel shipped heavy sea.

    B. Foster. (Skipper).

    Frederick W. Garton. (Second Hand 8606).



From the Cardiff Times and South Weekly News of Saturday 12th April 1902:


Milford Dock Hands in Trouble.

    James Haynes and Thomas Austin Morgan, dock hands, of Milford Haven, were indicted on several counts for stealing a quantity of fish valued at 14s 4d, the property of Messrs. Sellick, Morley, and Price, from the vessel Ixia on March 10th. Mr Marlay Samson prosecuted, Morgan and Haynes being defended by Mr Raymund Allen and Mr Ernest Houghton respectively. In accordance with an expression of opinion by the Chairman, the prosecution decided to proceed only on the count of simple larceny. Morgan was acquitted; Haynes was sentenced to three months' hard labour.


From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 12th February 1904:




    ACCIDENT AT THE DOCKS.—An accident occurred at the Dry Docks on Friday. Albert Jones, of Portfield, cook on the "Ixia," was attempting to go on board his ship about nine a.m. when the ladder slipped, and he fell a distance of about 18 feet on to the gantry of the dry dock. He sustained a large cut at the back of the head, and complained of severe pains between the shoulders. With assistance he walked to Dr. Griffith's surgery, where his injuries received attention, and he was removed in the ambulance car to his home at Haverfordwest.



From the Pembroke County Guardian & Cardigan Reporter of Friday 26th October 1906:




    On Tuesday, whilst Albert Jones, of Neyland, an apprentice fitter, was carrying a piece of machinery from the workshop to the steam trawler Ixia, he missed his footing and fell to the deck of the vessel. On being brought to the surgery it was found he had broken the bridge of his nose and cut his head so severely that it had to be stitched.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 14th November 1906:


     The steam trawler "Ixia" (Sellick, Morley and Price) was picked up about four o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, 50 miles off St. Ann's Head, in a disabled condition, by the steam trawler "Gwalia" (Mr. G. H. D. Birt).  The "Ixia" had her tail shaft broken and was flying signals of distress when the "Gwalia" (Skipper Owston) came alongside and took her in tow, both vessels arriving in dock at nine a.m. on Thursday.



From the Cardiff Times and South Weekly News of Saturday 26th February 1910:



    Out of seven steam trawlers and a number of smacks landing at Milford fish market not one of them escaped damage by the recent gale.  The steamer Cameo for the second time in a few weeks lost her lifeboat, the Osprey and Ixia shared a similar fate, whilst the Lynmouth had her wheelhouse battered in and carried away. Considerable damage was done on the decks of the vessels, the Brixham and Lowestoft smacks especially having a trying time. The Centaur was nearly a week making the journey home from the Bay of Biscay.



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