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Official No:  184000  Port and Year:   Lowestoft, 1954

Description: Steel side trawler; single screw, motor. 


Built: 1954, by Cochrane & Sons, Selby.  (Yard no. 1395)

Tonnage: 179  grt  60 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 102.0 / 22.0 / 10.9

Engine: 6-cyl 350bhp Crossley - 12 knots 



6 Oct 1954: As WROXHAM QUEEN LT53

5 Oct 1954: Talisman Trawlers (North Sea), 38 Church St., West Hartlepool, Co. Durham

Manager: Arthur W. Suddaby, 'Clayesmore', Marine Parade, Gorleston.


6 Apr 1966: Talisman Trawlers (North Sea) Ltd., West Hartlepool.


5 Aug 1970: As JADE STAR GYPSY LT53

11 Sep 1970: Henry J. Lamprell, Buntingford, Herts. & Milford.


15 Nov 1976: Hubert Jones (Trawlers), Docks, Swansea & Milford.


Apr - Jun 1978: See below.


Landed at Milford:  c.1976 - 1978

Skippers: James Brodie


1970: Employed at times as an offshore platform standby safety vessel out of Lowestoft & Gt. Yarmouth.   

05 Oct 1974: Sank at her moorings at Milford Haven, later raised and laid up.

1976: Towed motor trawler SALLY McCABE (YH88) from Milford Haven to Briton Ferry for breaking up. 

13 Apr 1978:  Hubert Jones (Trawlers) Ltd in liquidation

2 Jun 1978:  Sold at auction to Mr. Peter Wright, Milford Haven in an en bloc deal with BRENDA WILSON (LT80) (181grt/1954) and GEORGINA WILSON (HL10) (182grt/1955) for the sum 11,225. 

1978:  Sold to Thos W. Ward Ltd, Sheffield for breaking up at Briton Ferry. 

1 Apr 1989:   Lowestoft registry closed.

[Thanks for the extensive research by Gil Mayes and Barry Banham.]

 Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 16th April 1976:




    The word 'crisis' is not unknown to Milford Haven's Fishing Industry but this week it has taken on a harsh new reality with the news that the port's operational fleet is down to SEVEN.

    This is the result of the decision of Hubert Jones Trawlers of Swansea to lay up two of their ships, the Brenda Wilson and the Georgina Wilson.  A third, the Sally McCabe is to go to the scrapyard.

    Another trawler, the Jade Star Glory [sic - see below] has been undergoing a refit for some months and was due to sail under the Jones flag.

    This reduces Milford's catching power to seven ships, five owned and one managed by Norrard Trawlers, and one owned by Mitchell and Kerr.

    This weeks crisis has been brought on by soaring running costs, particularly of fuel.  Local owners have complained to the Government about over-fishing of the fishing grounds by foreign vessels and recently called for stricter conservation methods to include banning the use of beam trawls popular with Continental fishermen.


[The reference to JADE STAR GLORY - CTL in Jan. 1974 - is presumably a mistake for JADE STAR GYPSY, which began landing at Milford in 1976.]




From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 14th April 1978:


    Milford Haven's shaky fishing industry was dealt another severe blow on Thursday with the announcement that Hubert Jones Trawlers of Swansea have gone into liquidation.

    The firm's two trawlers which have been operating out of Milford, the Georgina Wilson and Jade Star Gipsy, will be landed when they come in from sea then laid up.  This will throw twelve trawlermen out of work, reduce the port's catching power by 20 per cent to just eight vessels and deplete further already scarce supplies to the port's fish trade.  It could also have disastrous repercussions on the viability of the industry.

    There has been some anxiety over the future of the Jones Trawlers at Milford for some time.  This week's crunch came on Thursday morning following a High Court case in London.  A receiver from Swansea visited Milford Haven yesterday to wind up the company's business activities as from Monday April 10th, the date which the London court made an order for the company to cease trading.


From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 9th June 1978:



    How much will it cost Milford Haven businessman Mr. Peter Wright to put ready for sea the three trawlers he bought on Friday for 11,225?

    This is burning question on Milford Docks this week following Mr. Wright's out-bidding of scrap dealers and other bidders from England, Scotland and Ireland at the Auction of the trawlers Brenda Wilson, Georgina Wilson and the Jade Star Gipsy.

    Two of the trawlers had been laid up since the collapse of the Swansea-based form of Hubert Jones Trawlers two months ago.  The third had been "on the wall" awaiting repairs for some weeks before that.  She is said to require a new 30,000 engine block before she can return to sea!



Alongside for inspection of hull damage

Barry Banham Photo Collection




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