Official No:  93862   Port Number and Year: 7th in Brixham, 1887  (DH206)

Description: Wooden sailing smack, trawling.  Ketch rigged.


Built: Gibbs, Galmpton, 1887

Tonnage: - grt; 45.28 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): - / - / -

Engine: -



21 Apr 1887: Jeffery Drew, 8 New Rd., Brixham.

Managing owner.


17 Oct 1888: Samuel Willard Richards, Frog St., Tenby.

Managing owner/Skipper.


21 Mar 1901: William Blacker, Tenby.


Landed at Milford: 16 Nov 1889; 22 May 1895; 11 Aug - 3 Sep 1896; 6 Apr 1898; 4 May - 27 Sep 1901; 1 Feb - 23 Apr 1902.

[ Occasional landings at Milford, otherwise at Tenby.]

Skippers: Samuel W. Richards; Blackley (Blacker?); Hatton


8 Jul 1902: Lost by fire at Tenby.

7 Aug 1902: Registry closed.


[ Acknowledgements to Devon Heritage Centre, and Brixham Sailing Trawler Archive. ]


 Accidents and Incidents


From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 11th December 1891:


        On Thursday forenoon a vessel was observed off the east point of Caldy Island being driven before the gale. She was lying across the sea with canvas gone, and apparently with no one on board. As soon as the fishing smack Jubilee was afloat she put off with a large crew, under the command of Samuel Richards (owner), and boarded the vessel, which by this time had drifted far up into Carmarthen Bay. She proved to be the fishing smack Vulture, of Brixham, which had been abandoned. She was taken in tow and brought into Tenby Roadstead late in the afternoon, and it was intended to bring her into harbour with the tide. All her canvas had been blown away and her bulwarks gone. The crew of this vessel were picked up off the Smalls and landed at Milford on Tuesday last by the steamer Lark, of Hull.       


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