Official No:  108281    Port and Year:   2nd in London, 1898

Description: Iron side trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged


Built: 1898 by Edward Bros., North Shields.  (Yard no. 562)

Tonnage: 153 grt  49 net,

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 105.5  / 20.8  / 10.9

Engine: T.3-cyl; 56 hp;  by North Eastern Marine Engineering Co., Sunderland



Jan 1898: Castle Steam Trawlers Ltd., 3 Lothbury, City, London.

Manager: George H. D. Birt, Milford.



By 1927: Pescaderias Corufiesas SA (L. Lamigueiro), San Sebastian.


(No later history known.)


Landed at Milford: 15 Jan 1898 - 16 Jul 1904

Skippers: 1898: Galvin; Wildridge; Davies; John

1899: John

1900: John; Davies

1901-03: John

1903: Hill; John; Davies; Chamberlain; Saunderson; Cobley

1904: Saunderson; John Wm. Boyd.


1906: London register closed. (Sold to foreign owners.)

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 Not to be confused with LAWRENNY CASTLE ON 124723 SA52; built Smith's Dock, N.Shields 1908 Yard no. 368; 256 grt. Owners (1911) Castle Steam Trawlers, Swansea; 1920: Consolidated S.F. & Ice Co., Grimsby.



Accidents and Incidents

From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 15th July 1904:

A Seaman's Fatal Jump

    Matthew Blaylock, a seaman, of Sunderland, employed as cook on the steam trawler "Lawrenny Castle", met with a violent end on Friday afternoon.   His ship came in on Friday morning, and, after discharging her fish, was moved to the other side of the dock to coal.  Blaylock went ashore, and when he returned, about 2 p.m., the "Lawrenny Castle" was moored some two feet off the quay wall, but as she was lower than the top of the wall her deck was probably about seven feet from the quay.  Blaylock, finding no ladder, essayed the jump, but his feet striking against some iron he reeled backwards, his head striking the quay wall before his body sank in the water.  Recovered an hour afterwards he was, of course, quite dead.


Mr. H. J. E. Price held an inquest on the body at the Sessions House on Saturday afternoon.  Mr. Wm. Davies was the foreman of the jury.

John Wm. Boyd, skipper of the "Lawrenny Castle", said the deceased was cook on board his ship.  He had been in Milford about a month.  He last saw the deceased about 1.30 p.m. on the ship.  Witness could not say if there was a ladder or not from the ship to the quay.  The mate was in charge when the accident happened.

Alfred Hire, dock labourer, Milford, said about 2.15 p.m. on the previous day he was going to his work, and saw deceased walking in front of him.  He was by himself.  He saw him attempt to jump from the quay wall on to the ship, when he fell back and struck his head against the wall.  A man, who was with witness, fetched a line, and jumped on board the ship, and witness ran for a ladder.  When he came back deceased had disappeared in the water.  He reported the matter to the police.  The deceased had to jump six or seven [sic] from the wall to the ship.  There was no ladder. Deceased seemed quite sober when he saw him.  He walked all right.

Dock Constable Grice said he went to the place where the accident occurred, and after grappling for an hour he recovered the body.  It was between the ship and the wall.  The ship had just finished coaling.  There was no ladder.  Dr. Allan D. Low said he had examined the body, and found a wound on the back of the head.  He had no doubt been stunned and drowned.  A verdict of accidental death was returned.  The jury expressed the opinion that in all cases a ladder should be in position as a means of communication with the shore.


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