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Official No:  93410    Port Number and Year:   Boston, 1890 (BN8)

                                                                                Grimsby,1901 (GY1217)

                                                                                Ardrosson, 1904 (AD ?)

Description: Iron side trawler; steam screw, coal burning.


Built: 1890, by R. Thompson & Son, Southwick Sunderland (Yard No.164)

Tonnage: 116 grt  44 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 95  / 20.5  / 10.3

Engine: C.2-cyl, 35 hp.;  by Northern Marine Engineering (Ltd) South Shields.



As BN8

8 Jul 1890: William Liddall, 16 Keppel St., Russell Sq., London.

Manager owner.

1896: Frederick J. Sellick, Milford.


6 Mar 1901: Grimsby GY1217

William Liddall, 16 Keppel St., Russell Sq., London.

Manager: Weston W. Crampin, 114 Orwell St. Grimsby.


20 Apr 1904: Ardrosson AD ?

Michael Murray, 'Theresa Cottage', Ardrosson St., Saltcoasts, Ayrshire.

Managing owner.
1913: Ardrosson Salvage Co. Ltd., 45 Hope St., Glasgow.

Manager: David Smail. (Same address.)
1923: United Kingdom Salvage Co. Ltd., 30 George Sq., Glasgow.

Manager: William Gilchrist. (Same address.)


1927: William A. Rafferty & James MacBrayne, 21 New Merchant Lane, Glasgow.

Managing owners.

Landed at Milford: 28 Mar 1896 – 22 Jan 1900.


Clarke: 9 Apr 1896 – 14 Aug 1897.

J. W. Rumbold (5019): 14 Aug – 22 Dec 1897.

Etherington:  30 Dec 1897 – 24 Feb 1898.

John Reader (0868?): 1 Jul – 29 Nov 1898. 

Geo. C. Nichols (05538): 4 Jan 1899 – 22 Jan 1900.


Mar 1901: Boston registry closed.

Apr 1904: Grimsby registry closed.

1935: Broken up.

[Information kindly supplied by Mark Stopper, Andy Hall (Granton Trawlers) and  Gil Mayes.]


Accidents and Incidents


From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 22nd December 1897:



            Frederick Hulse, employed on the trawler “Lincoln," was charged with stealing one pair of boots, value 14s., and one singlet, value 1s., the property of Wim. Scriven, cook on board the trawler "Lincoln," at Hakin, on 9th December.

            Wm. Scrivens deposed that he was a cook on board the trawler "Lincoln," and the prisoner was one of the crew. He retired to bed on Wednesday night last, at about twelve o'clock. He slept in the forecastle of the ship, and missed a singlet and the boots the following morning. He valued them at 15s.  He straightway gave information to the police. The next place he saw the articles was at Haverfordwest, in the possession of Sergt. Rosser.

            Hulse on being asked if he had anything to ask prosecutor replied in the negative.

            John Rosser, police-sergeant, stationed at Fishguard, deposed that on the Thursday night previous, in consequence of information received from Sergt. Brinn by wire, he kept a look-out, and about five p.m. he arrested the prisoner at Fishguard. He was wearing the boots and singlet. He took him into custody, and charged him with the offence, to which he replied that they were lent him.

            The prisoner was then asked by the chairman if he wished his case tried summarily, that is, have the case disposed of by that bench, or if he preferred getting it tried before a jury at a Quarter Sessions, or Assizes, and he replied that he would prefer getting the case finished then. He pleaded guilty.



From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 16th November 1898:


POLICE NEWS.— At the Sessions House, Milford Haven, on Thursday - before Col. Roberts and Mr J. Whicher


On Tuesday—before Col. Roberts and Mr J. Ll. Davies - Mr James Edwards, marine superintendent, charged Charles Boyle, cook in the trawler "Lincoln," with wilful disobedience and continued breach of duty while lying in Milford Docks on the 12th inst. — The complainant stated that prisoner was absent from his ship at 4 a.m. on Saturday, when she was ready for sea; witness caused him to be taken to the Board of Trade office to five his reason for so doing, when Mr Pick requested him to join his ship and do his duty, which he promised to do. The ship was again ready for sea at 4 p.m., when he failed to put in an appearance, and consequently the ship was detained another tide. — Prisoner admitted the offence. — Committed to prison for 7 days hard labour, and ordered to forfeit two days' pay.



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