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{See below for photograph as LT79]

Official No:  149211   Port Number and Year:  Lowestoft, 1928 (LT390)

                                                                                Gdynia, 1947 (GDY111)

                                                                                Lowestoft, 1949 (LT79)

                                                                                Aberdeen, 1960 (A50)

Description: Steel side drifter trawler, steam, coal fired, single screw. Ketch rigged.

Crew:  10 men (1928).

Built: 1928, by Goole Shipbuilding & Repairs, Goole. (Yard no. 280).

1961: Whaleback fitted.

Tonnage: 104  grt  45 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 88.0 / 19.1 / 9.0

Engine: T.3-Cyl., 44 rhp.; by Charles David Holmes & Co., Hull.

1959: Converted by L.B.S. Engineering Co Ltd, Lowestoft; 3-cyl, 4 stroke, 300bhp, oil engine, by A.K. Diesels Ltd, Lowestoft.



As LT390

19 Jul 1928: Lowestoft Steam Herring Drifters, Co. Ltd., 26 Herring Market,  Lowestoft.

Manager: Harold B. Jackson. [Same address.]


21 Sep 1943: St. Andrew's Steam Fishing Co., Hull.

Manager: B. A. Parkes.

                Maj. A. W. Suddaby MBE, Gorleston. (Feb 1946)



28 Dec 1946: Polish government. [See Note below.]



9 Jun 1949: Arthur W. Eastoe, Ronald C. Cook & Richard H. Colby, Lowestoft; and John Odde, East Molesey.


24 Jan 1951: Ronald C. Cook, Samuel Broadley, & George Catchpole, Hollywood Park Rd., Lowestoft.


30 Apr 1959: Craigwood Ltd., Aberdeen.

Manager: George R. Wood.

12 May 1959: As A50.


1967: Hubert Jones, Swansea.


1969: Thomas J. Griffiths & Nellie M. Porter, Swansea.

Manager: Peter Wright, Docks, Milford


1973: Guiseppe Antoniazzi, Docks, Milford.


Aug 1974: Linke Trawling Co., Neyland.

Manager: Bruno Linke.

Landed at Milford: (Seasonal 1929-35); 1970 - 1975.

Skippers:  Harry John (1970)


Lord Rodney (1718-1792), won a decisive victory at the Battle of the Saintes in April 1782, ending the French threat to Jamaica. On his return to Britain, Admiral Rodney was made a peer. (Wikipedia.)

9 Aug 1932: In Bangor, Skipper Arthur James Larner fined 10 for illegal trawling in Anglesey waters. [The Times, Wednesday 10th August, 1932.]

4 Sep 1939: Requisitioned by the Admiralty for Contraband Control.

Feb 1940: Converted to a minesweeper. (P.No. FY.877).

Oct 1943: Transferred to War Dept., (RASC).

8 Feb 1946:  Returned to owners.

28 Dec 1946 - Jun 1949: Chartered to a Polish company under a United Nations programme, and fished from Great Yarmouth with a Dutch crew.

1969: At Swansea in collision with Dutch motor vessel PAUL WESTERS (473g/1955).

Feb 1975: Towing DEELUX YH84 from Milford to Swansea, tow parted and recovered Tenby lifeboat.

Nov 1975: Broken up at Briton Ferry.

8 Dec 1975: Aberdeen registry closed.

[Information kindly supplied by the Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust and the Bosun's Watch website.]


John Stevenson Collection

Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 26th June 1970:


    Sturgeon Caught

    A sturgeon, rare catch at Milford Haven in recent years, was landed on Wednesday by the Swansea trawler Lord Rodney.  The 8-stone six-foot long fish fetched 25.  The Lord Rodney is skippered by Mr. Harry John, Cromwell Road, and is managed locally by Mr. Peter Wright.  The sturgeon, caught off Lundy, is considered a "royal fish" and in years gone by they were first offered to Buckingham Palace.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 9th August 1974:



    Two Milford Haven trawlers this week changed hands at a time when the Milford fishing industry is struggling to put trawlers to sea, due to spiralling costs.

    After weeks of rumour, Norrard Trawlers, the largest trawler owners in the town, confirmed that they have sold their trawler Constant Star to a Scottish firm in Peterhead.

    The "Star" has been fishing out of the port since the early 60's.  A crew from Peterhead arrived in Milford on Wednesday to take her to her new mooring.

    Another trawler, the Lord Rodney, has been sold by Mr. Pino Antoniazzi to one of Milford's top skippers, Mr. Bruno Linke, who has left a shore-based job to go back to sea.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 22nd November 1974:


    The trawler "Lord Rodney" dashed back to port to land the mate, Mr. Bill Reynolds, Stratford Road, Milford, who was taken seriously ill at sea.  He was taken to the County Hospital, where he underwent surgery on Thursday.




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