John Stevenson Collection

Official No:   127580   Port and Year: Fleetwood, 1910 (FD127)

Description: Wooden smack; trawling.  Dandy rig.


Built: J. & J. Armour, Fleetwood, 1910.

Tonnage: 43 grt  23 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 76 / - / -

Engine: -



26 Nov 1910: Thomas Rigby, Adelaide St., & Others, Fleetwood.

Managing owner: Thomas Rigby.


1911: William Preston, Adelaide St., Fleetwood.

Managing owner.


1921: Mrs. Grace A. E. Cookson, Carbery Lodge, Ascot, Berks.

Manager: John G. Cookson.


Landed at Milford: 2 Jul 1921 - 15 Sep 1928;  30 Jul 1930.



18 Jun 1923: On Southern Irish coast grounds, stood by Milford smack MINNIE (BM90) (51grt/1904; Skipper Willard Richards), on fire in hold. Fire could not be contained, attempted to run on to the Blackwater Bank off Wexford. MINNIE abandoned and crew picked up; vessel foundered shortly afterwards.

5 Sep 1930: Fleetwood registry closed. No longer fishing.

1935: Sold for conversion to a yacht.

1958: Further converted and renamed CAPTAIN CAP.

1962: Owned by Alain Bombard. Prepared for scientific expedition to the Mediterranean.

1970: Picked up abandoned schooner off Florida coast, towed for 72 hours and delivered safely.

Jun 1973: Advertised for sale in West Indies. Sold for 129,365.

1986-87: Foundered after striking a reef in The Grenadines.

[Information supplied by Gil Mayes, Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust.]

 Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 10th August 1923:


    The fishing smack "Louie Rigby" was badly battered about when at sea, and it was very fortunate that the steam trawler "Soar" spotted her distress signals and went to her assistance.

    The smack's sails were torn to rags, and the main mast was carried completely away.  Had it not been for the presence of the Fleetwood trawler "Soar", she would have undoubtedly become a total loss with all hands.

    The smack was taken in tow, and within 18 hours the two ships reached Milford safely.




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