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Official No:  398389   Port Number and Year:  18th in Milford, 1981

Description: Steel side trawler, single screw, oil burning motor vessel. Riveted and welded.

Crew:  12 men
Registered at Milford: 13 Oct 1981

Built: 1961, Astilleros de Murueta SA, Guernica,  Spain

Tonnage: 199.37 grt  94.73 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 107.0 / 21.0 / 10.8

Engine: Internal combustion engine; oil; 4 single acting 6 cyl.  550 bhp; 11 kts.




1961: Cia. Lequeitiana D. Pesqueros SA, Bilbao.



13 Oct 1981: Betty Fisheries, 'C' Shed, Docks, Milford.

29 Feb 1984: Building 66, Docks, Milford. [ Change of address. ]

Managers: Peter George Wright, Great North Rd., Milford

John Edwin Crawford,  Neyland


6 Feb 1986: Ruby Fishing, 41 Fish Market, Milford.

29 Sep 1987: Cmaine House, Hill St., Hakin, Milford. [ Change of address. ]


As ALTAIR (1992)

Unknown owners and flag. (IMO: 5206740 )


Landed at Milford:  



Lequeitio Primero is the town and municipality of "Lekeitio the First", in the province of Biscay, in the Basque Country, northeast of Bilbao. 

Radio call sign: GCDW.

By 1985, the name of the firm appears to have been Crickpoint Co., according to the newspaper articles below in that year, but this name is not recorded in the Register.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 11 Apr 1989.

Accidents and Incidents

From the Western Telegraph & Cymric Times of  Wednesday 24th October 1984 :


    The Milford based trawler Milford Star was laid up in Falmouth, Cornwall, on Monday, awaiting repairs after being damaged when fire broke out some hundred and fifty miles off Land's End on Sunday. 

    A Royal Naval helicopter was scrambled from Culdrose following a May-Day message from the trawler Milford Star when fire broke out in the engine room. The Fisheries Protection vessel H.M.S. Anglesey also attended and put out the fire before lifting off the French crew and Grimsby-based skipper in heavy seas with fifteen to twenty foot swell.

    The Milford Star, one of six trawlers operating from Milford Haven by the Betty Fisheries Company, was then towed to Falmouth by the Anglesey.  A spokesman for the company said the damage to the vessel, formerly a Spanish trawler, was still being estimated but it was unlikely that she would be back at sea for several weeks.



From the Western Telegraph & Cymric Times of  Wednesday 13th March 1985 :


    A Milford-based trawler was back at sea this week after being arrested and taken by French fishery protection vessels to the port of L'Orient.  The Milford Star, one of six former Spanish vessels which are operated out of Milford by Crickpoint Co., was inspected after being found fishing 40 miles south-west of Ile d'Yeu, during the inspection.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 19th April 1985:  


    Various operations with Spanish connections have come and gone from Milford over recent years and the only one now remaining is the firmly established Crickpoint Ltd.  The company operates four trawlers and two liners from Milford.  Their catches are all boxed at sea and shipped straight to Spain on landing.  Although there is some Spanish ownership in the company, a major share-holder is managing director John Crawford of Milford.  He stressed that the company is a bona-fide U.K. operation. 

    "Crickpoint is not a flag of convenience operation - it is a genuine U.K. company, registered in London, with U.K. capital and management, British crews and British registered vessels which comply fully with all Department of transport standards," said Mr. Crawford.  "We provide work for around 70 to 80 U.K. fishermen, plus shore staff."

    The four trawlers are managed by Mr. Crawford, and the two liners by Mr. Ernie Leach.  All the vessels are operated on a share basis. 

    The trawlers - Milford Star, Slebech, Slebech 2 and Slebech 3 - each work with a crew of 12.  They are all over 100ft. with engines in the 550 hp - 1,000 hp range.  The vessels work bobbin gear on the rougher grounds further off than those worked by the Milford co-op vessels.  They work mainly for hake, ling and megrim on trips of around a fortnight.





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