Official No:  114253   Port and Year: 6th in Brixham, 1904.

Description: Wooden smack; ketch rigged.


Built: J. W. &  A. Upham,  Brixham; in 1904

Tonnage: 51 grt  39 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  -  / -  / -

Engine -



7 Mar 1904:  William M. M. Burgoyne, 6 Higher Furzeham Tce., Brixham.

Managing owner.

10 Sep 1912:  Mrs. Minnie Down Burgoyne, Queens Rd., Brixham.

Manager: Michael M. Burgoyne, 8 Trafalgar Tce., Brixham.

1922: Mrs. Minnie D. Horst, 72 Priory Rd., Milford.

Manager: Michael M. Burgoyne, 8 Trafalgar Tce., Brixham.

Landed at Milford:

(Seasonal) 10 May 1904 - 12 Jun 1906; 6 May 1910 - 5 Nov 1914;

(Regular) 18 May 1915 - 17 Aug 1919; 16 Jan 1920 - 16 Jun 1923.

Skippers: Wm. Burgoyne 1904; Willard Richards


18 Jun 1923:  On Southern Irish coast grounds, the Milford smack LOUIE RIGBY FD127 stood by MINNIE (BM90) on fire in hold. Fire could not be contained. MINNIE attempted to run on to the Blackwater Bank off Wexford. Abandoned and crew picked up, vessel foundered shortly afterwards.  [See below.]

[Information from the Fleetwood Maritime Trust and the Bosun's Watch website.]

 Accidents and Incidents

Skipper's statement:


    We sailed from the port of Milford Haven for the fishing grounds off the Southern Irish Coast, this was on the 16th June 1923.

    On about 10.30 to 11.00 o'clock on the Monday the 18th of the same month, we noticed that the smack's hold was on fire.  We did every thing that was possible to contain the blaze but we were fighting a losing battle.  When the fire took too big a grip I decided to run the vessel onto the Blackwater Bank, off Wexford.  This was about 4 o'clock on the same day.

    The Milford fishing smack "Louie Rigby", which was standing by us, came in and picked us up. We had been aboard the "Louie Rigby" only one hour before the "Minnie" was completely burnt out and sank.


Samuel Willard Richards.



[Note:  Not recorded in "Shipwreck Index of Ireland", but is included in "Irish wrecks online" website, as having caught fire and sank, Blackwater Bank, Co.Wexford.]



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