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Official No:  162951    Port Number and Year: Lowestoft, 1931

Description: Steel side / drifter trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged.

Crew:  9 men (1931).

Built: 1931, by Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing.  (Yard no. 298)

Tonnage: 122 grt  62 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 94.1 / 20.1 / 9.5

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 360 hp by Elliot & Garrood, Beccles.  1955: Converted to motor.



As LT246

15 May 1931: Seven Ltd., (R. J. Tripp), 12 Herring Market, Lowestoft.

Manager: Frederick W. Moxey, 'The Moorings', Yarmouth Rd., Gunton, Lowestoft.

                Lowestoft Fish Selling Co., Docks, Milford. (Oct 1931 - Aug 1933.)


1937: Ritson J.Tripp, 'The Beeches', Kessingland, Suffolk.
Managing owner.


1945: County Fishing Co. Ltd. (Small & Co.), Lowestoft.



1961:  J. J. Colby & Others, Lowestoft.


1965:  Holka Fishing Co. Ltd., Lowestoft.


1967: Colby Fish Selling Co. Ltd., Lowestoft.


1975: Peter F. Horlock,  Mistley, Essex.


c.1975: Greek owners.


Landed at Milford: 29 Oct 1931 - 31 Aug 1933



 Accidents and Incidents

From The Times of  21st November 1931:


MAYALS Angle, Nov. 20. At 2.30 a.m. today sailing vessel Mayals was run down and sunk while at anchor.  No lives lost. Position of vessel, half mile N.E. Bullwell, Milford Haven.

Milford Haven. Nov. 20. Auxiliary motor vessel Mayals of Swansea.  Captain Blankau, Runcorn for Falmouth, coal, while lying at anchor in Milford Haven, was run into and sunk by steam trawler Neves of Lowestoft, this morning.  Crew saved.  Vessel lies in five fathoms at low water.  Only damage to trawler stated to be stem slightly bent.


From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 27th November 1931:


    The motor schooner "Mayals", of the port of Swansea, was run down by the Lowestoft steam drifter "Neves" off the pier head at Hakin Point, about 1.30 a.m. on Friday, and she sank within five minutes.  The crew were taken on board the "Neves".  No one was injured, and they were provided with everything needful at the Sailors' Rest, Charles Street.

    The "Mayals" was bound from Runcorn, Chesire, to Falmouth with 300 tons of gas coal.  She put into Milford Haven on Monday for repairs.  She is owned by Captain Holton, V.C., of the Royal Flying Corps, and managed by Messrs. Winnard & Samuel, of Fowey, Cornwall.  She was manned by a captain and five men.



 The Times, Tuesday, Apr 04, 1933; pg. 4; Issue 46410; col D




Before mr. justice bateson




    In this action the owners of the steam-trawler Neves claimed to limit their liability, under the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Acts, for the damage occasioned by a collision between the Neves and the motor-vessel Mayals.

    The collision occurred near Milford Haven Docks on November 20th 1931, and liability therefore was admitted by the owners of the Neves.  The Mayals was sunk.  The registered tonnage of the Neves is 118.83 tons, and the plaintiffs offered to pay into Court the aggregate amount of 8 per ton namely, 959 12s. 9d., with interest.

    Mr. H. L. Holman appeared for the plaintiffs; Mr. O. L. Bateson for the defendants, the owners of the Mayals and her cargo, and the master and crew (suing for lost effects).

    mr. justice bateson granted a decree of limitation of liability in the terms asked for, and abridged the time for bringing in claims to one month.

    Solicitors.  Messrs. Holman, Fenwick and Willan; Messrs. W. and W. Stocken.



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